Thursday, December 10, 2009

Holiday reflections

 I'm happy for these kids

The other day, at the lunch hour, my friend, James Minor, and I walked from our office building across the company campus to the commons building for a bowl of soup and a slice of pizza.  A group of kids from a local middle school were singing Christmas caroles and dancing for the entertainment of my coworkers.

It was a heart-warming, poignant display, which I enjoyed very much.  The kids were enthusiastic, seemed pleased with themselves, and appeared to enjoy the approving attention directed at them from the spectators. 

And, angst-ridden liberal that I am, I came away from it saddened.  Those singing, dancing, smiling kids will likely never know hunger nor find themselves and their families trapped in a war zone, fearing for their lives.  At least, I pray that they will not.

Well, dear reader, you undoubtedly know where I'm going with this...

Can we do something?

Since I became an adult, I've always found that children's books invoke this same sadness in me.  So often, children's books are written to reassure, to calm fears.  But, while I don't advocate that we frighten children, we all know the truth:  the world is full of perils and horrors.  No matter how much we might desire it, we cannot shield children from that truth.

If only it were not so.

I plan to enjoy the holidays.  But I hope never to forget how flat-out lucky I am to have been born into such a blesséd existence.

That's my prayer for this year:  Lord, help me to remember; help me to find a way to ease the suffering of the less fortunate.

I'm just a bleeding-heart liberal, after all.

Good ol' James

Update:  Coworker James and I will make a trip to the Costco today to buy food for the seven needy families that my company is sponsoring this holiday season.  It's a start!

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Eugene said...

Santa Claus is real, dammit! SANTA CLAUS IS REAL!

Reality is always good to be aware of. Empathy for others and what is going on in their lives. Helping each other. Yeah, helping each other. Helping each other is always good.