Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Acknowledgment of Good Fortune

Wheel of Fortune
Times like these come upon you unawares, it seems. In contrast to my usual melancholy as we head into the long rainy winter, this year I have been taken by a gradual epiphany: I'm happy!

No particular reason for this development. It just is.

Life is good. In spite of dark economic times, in spite of looming disasters, myself and my people have a lot. I'm gainfully employed; I have a wife I absolutely adore; my family is all in good health; even the baffling American zeitgeist seems to be modulating within a relatively sane amplitude --a phenomenon that I had nearly forsaken over the past eight years.

All of this came about less as a result of any choices I've made or actions I've taken, but more due to the inevitable spin of the Wheel. As my friend Andre has reminded me from time to time, I'm one lucky man.

The wisdom of the Tarot tells us that the Wheel of Fortune heralds a new cycle in life, good luck and fortune brought about by fate rather than one's own doing.

And that it can all change in the blink of an eye.

All the more reason, then, to take note of the moment.

When you know even for a moment that it's your time
Then you can walk with the power of a thousand generations;

--Bruce Cockburn

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