Thursday, December 24, 2009

Holiday best to all '09!

Winter is here!

Throwin' out a "Peace!" to everybody this solstice.  Peace is a good thing to be throwin' in anyone's direction.  But "Merry Christmas!" too, if that's your gig. 

The weather is cold and clear and Maty and I are battened down and holding our own here in Portland.  Just did a little last-minute holiday shopping and, believe it or not, I found the endeavor to be entirely tolerable.  In fact, I might even say I had a good time bathing in the frantic eddies of human bustle.

Maty, doing what she does so well

Humankind is heading into some rough waters.  It's not like we haven't seen it coming.  And I doubt we've hit the bottom yet.  Nonetheless, I'm upbeat.  Now that people are realizing how bad things might become, I believe we'll all start pulling together.  I've heard tell of times when people worked together for the Common Good and had it come out alright.  And, if it turns out that we've had our collective epiphany too late?  Well, at the very least, our decline will be more tolerable if we're kind to each other, if we forgive each other.

Present this photo as evidence in any future canonization considerations

Who knows?  We might even learn something from it all.

Every life is a poem.  No matter what happens, each of us has witnessed the miracle of Creation.

Our very best and most sincere wishes to each and all. May you have peace and contentment!


Anonymous said...

And the same to you Victor! After all, if the two of us, from such polar opposites politically can get along anything is possible.

I may even consider Nancy Pelosi to be human this

Happy Holidays!

Dan Binmore said...

Dade, my good friend, be merry indeed. And I hope you can be encouraged to be merry by the knowledge that someone you don't think is a moron doesn't think humanity is in for a rough time. I truly believe that the mot glorious time in history is going to happen in our lifetime.