Thursday, December 31, 2009

Clock's a-tickin' 2009

Most of us recognize this day as the end of an arbitrary chapter in the chronicle of humankind.  Planets spin in rote; somewhere the digits of some chronological counter fall.  December 31st is come; a year ended, another to begin.  The date falls in regimen, part of the New Age clockwork that is derived loosely from the old Pagan recognition of the winter solstice.  A token, perhaps, of how far removed we are from the natural rhythms of our world. 

In our modern world, we pay small respect to the magic of the shaman, the wisdom of the druid.  We insist that the world is run by gears and wheels.  "Reason is King!" we proclaim.

We may be stripped of that luxuriant ignorance ere long.  Nonetheless, let's go with it for now.

This year saw no ebb in the cruel tides of war.  Nor has there been any indication of a new consciousness emerging from the riot of humanity.  I've mostly given up looking for such.  I attribute it to my own terrible awakening on November 2nd, 2004.  I lost much of my faith in people on that day.  The wounds I suffered back then are still raw, five years later.  (But, at the least, the monkey is gone... merci mon Dieu... the monkey is gone.)

To me, and to mine, the year 2009 has been gentle.  No dire health problems; no destitution; general harmony amongst the Tribe of Ross.  We've been lucky.  And I know it.  And please believe, I've got a hand out to those less fortunate souls whom I can help.  No friend of mine should imagine that I won't do what I can for him.

So, here we go.  Another spin around the solar whirligig.  I'm standing ready. 

Let's see what the new year brings.

Best to all. 

Torin, Seth, and Gino


Mari Gold said...

Dang those kids are cute!

You dismay at continued war, and so do I. My biggest concern for our well-being now, though, is stopping environmental destruction and climate change.

Some science brains think we are already past the point of no return with climate change...I want to believe the other ones who say we still have time to remedy this life-threatening problem.

Happy [gregorian calendar] new year!

Eugene said...


Dan Binmore said...

I thoroughly disagree. This is the most peaceful, healthiest, most educated, safest, most interesting, most beautiful time to have ever been alive. And it's getting better every year.

Eclectic Dilettante said...

May you and your family have a happy and prosperous New Year.