Wednesday, December 23, 2009

ASL: Fight for the Barrikady (Pt. I)

Note to readers: This post won't make a lick of sense to anyone who isn't familiar with the Advanced Squad Leader game system.

Despair not, ASL players!  Another vicarious ASL opportunity awaits!  Fellow Berserk Commissar Sonny Eberts (also known as Santino, the Bull) and I are about to engage in a playing of RB CGIII, the Barrikady.  Sonny and I have played several Red Barricades campaign games as teammates.  This is the only time I can remember having him as a Red Barricades opponent, though.  I have the part of the heroic Red Army facing down the fascist aggressors. 

As with my previous game both players will maintain a blog correspondence as the game progresses with the agreement that neither will read the other's blog until given express permission to do so.  Readers are encouraged to comment!  Got a problem with where I placed my AT gun?  Speak your piece!  Just be sure not to inadvertently reveal any information about Sonny's plan to me or vice-versa.

Here come the Jerries

A daunting task is laid before me.  Here come the Jerries, coiled up tight like a cobra before the strike.  I've been here before.  My heroes of the Soviet Union are going to get pummeled severely this first day.  With that presumption, I have two goals for the day:
  1. Fight like hell to keep the Germans off the river.
  2. Preserve as much of my force as possible.  Most especially my support weapons and my leaders.

Sonny sees this...

My at start forces are as follows:
  • Rifle Coy
    447 x 12
    10-0 Commissar
    HMG, MMG, LMG, ATR, Lt. Mtr.
  • Rifle Coy
    447 x 12
    10-2, 8-1
    HMG, MMG, LMG, ATR, Lt. Mtr.
  • SMG Coy
    527 x 9
  • 45LL ATG x 2
    228 x 2
  • Fort. Bldg. x 5
  • Fort Pts. x 50
A nice snake-eyes for my second rifle company's leadership roll! 

I allotted my 8CPP for the day as follows:
  • Militia Coy (reserve) = 3 CPP
    426 x 12
    MMG, LMG, ATR, Lt. Mtr.
  • KV Pltn (dug-in) = 2 CPP
  • KV-1 M42 x 2
  • 40 Fort points = 1 CPP
  • MOL capability = 2 CPP
I opted to buy the dug-in KV platoon to strengthen my right flank. However, being leary of heavy artillery and mortar smoke, I've spent fortification points to make them HIP and I've placed them to the south, on the perimeter of the debris field.

I also opted for MOL capability. I'll use MOL with discretion during play. If my infantry get a decent shot at any of his tanks, they'll break out the petrol bombs. Also, when the Germans get close, we'll toss firebombs at them in burnable terrain.  I don't have enough leaders to attempt kindling, so maybe I'll get lucky when I start chuckin' the hot potatoes.

Day 1 setup 

I've deployed the weaker of my two rifle companies on the right flank, with fortified buildings and a trench. The lone leader, a 10-0 commissar, will hang out behind the lines, rallying as necessary, but avoiding exposure to the enemy insofar as is possible.  The big machine guns for this company set up all the way back in the Chemist's Shop in the hope that I can keep them out of German hands.  I may bring them up to the first level, once I see where the Germans are coming.  The two dug-in KVs are also on hand to fire into the German flank if Jerry pushes hard for the riverbank.

My second rifle company, with the 10-2 leader, get the honor of defending the O6 factory.  The units in the M6 building are there for the duration.  If smoked in, they hold their positions and hope to ambush advancing Germans.  But they won't be falling back.  Stand and die, comrades!  The 8-1 and MMG however, are not so constrained.  If things get too hot, this group will fall back to the south.  The 10-2 and HMG are positioned in the back mostly for their own protection.  This leader will stay in the back and take long range shots, but under no circumstances will he seek to engage at close range.

The SMG company gets the job of protecting the railroad line (and the hidden ATGs).  This entire company has orders to retreat slowly to the south.  But I doubt I'll see many of them in the chow line this evening.  I've got a platoon defending the B12 building, but I don't imagine this will prove to be much more than a speed bump to any determined German advance.  The two ATGs are positioned to drill German armor that might get too frisky.  But I am nervous about my ATG placement.  They are in precariously forward positions.  In previous games, Sonny has favored this approach as the Germans.  I could lose them both. 

My reserve militia company is set up to protect the two ATG as much as possible.

Sonny is a tenacious player (that's why we call him "The Bull").  So, I'm going to have my hands full.  The most important thing is to maintain my own personal morale.  The Germans have a Big, Big Punchtm and they're going to land one squarely on my jaw.  Nothing for it but to absorb and keep going.

To be continued...


Stewart King said...

I still think those guys out in front are done for. Your goal should be to keep your forces alive, not hold territory. You should be fighting a fall-back defense for the first three or four CG days, building strength. When you have 90+ squads on the map, then it's time to dig in and fight. Start building your forts back towards the back of the map somewhere, at the real MLR.

Stewart King said...

Wolkey's post looks to me like misdirection.

Dan Binmore said...

I'm so happy to see another of these. I'm not a player but I thoroughly enjoyed the last exchange. My advice, such as it is worth, is that in urban warfare against an opponent with superior equipment is unpredictability. Randomly placed outposts of stiff resistance will require the opponent to be cautious at all times in all places. Pockets of fanatical violence. Remove the concept of a line of conflict. Good luck.