Friday, December 18, 2009

Let's not do that

It's all gonna work out.

I know things look bleak.  World seems to be going to hell.  Signs of it are everywhere.

Here we are, sitting in this leaky old tub, bailing water.  And the swells are rising up high enough to where we lose sight of the shore now and again.  But keep the faith.  Things will be alright. 

Faces everywhere have a grim look to them.  Everyone seems to be waiting for the worst to hit.  After a while, people start to change.  They become stingy.  Stingy with their charity, with their words and feelings, even with their smiles.  They feel they must cling to what they have.  They clutch, imaging that by withholding today, it will somehow benefit them in the hard times of tomorrow.  They start to feel afraid to live.  They grow calluses against their natural compassion.

Let's not do that.  Instead, let's make our little stand right here and never lose our smiles.  Never lose our faith.  Let's make sure we keep track of our people so we do what we can for them when they need it.  Even if they don't ask.  Let's make sure we put a can of tuna in the food donation bin whenever we go to Safeway.  

People are good, just like you've always said.  People are good!

People are good and God is great.


Mari Gold said...

May your generosity be returned 10-fold and more, as this oil-dependent civilization teeters precariously on the brink of collapse.

Eugene said...

Helping each other, that is one thing I am hearing a lot of lately. Thank you for your generosity and I piggy-back on Shusli's blessing as well.

Anonymous said...

It is true, faces look different these days. Mine looks different and I am not talking just of age and such. Stress and the fight of survival (hey I am in construction) and hanging on to what you have when you have very little. Keep positive. focus on and surround yourself with loving people. Be good to as many as you can. Ed Gile