Wednesday, October 06, 2010

If you want to kill the Democrats, kill the Republicans

Okay.  Here's my crackpot pitch to any liberal/progressive out there who is so disgusted with the Democrats that he or she is considering abstention --indeed, that he or she may not vote at all!  This is to a very specific sliver of the "base" of the Democratic Party; to liberals like me.

First of all, your disgust with the Democrats generally, the Obama administration specifically, and Rahm Emanuel and Joe Lieberman and Ben Nelson even more specifically, is completely justified.  That bit of legislative sausage-making that was the health care debate was ugly to behold.  And, far from investigating and indicting the obvious criminals in the previous administration, the Obama administration has doubled down on Constitutional abuses in the name of "fighting terror."  It makes my blood boil to think about it.

I understand how liberals might feel that voting is nothing but a civic placebo.  After all, the 2008 election swept in unprecedented majorities in both houses of Congress for the Democrats who, nevertheless, surrendered to the minority on key issues, time after time after time.

But believe it or not, this election offers real hope.  Here's my reasoning:

The GOP is incredibly vulnerable.  With all the political winds at their back, they have set the expectations for this election precariously high.  If they do not make significant gains in the Senate and actually win control of the House, their huge 2010 effort will be viewed as a failure.  In that case, the Tea Party insurgency will erupt into full scale war.  Tea-baggers, already angry with "establishment" Republicans, might actually split off from the party.  The deeply-ruptured Republican party, now deprived of its Know-Nothing base, could simply cease to exist.

Allow yourself a moment to savor that thought.

But then...

"Great!" says disillusioned Lefty.  "So now the Democrats are in control!"

But that's just it, my left-wing comrades!  If the GOP ceases to exist, it will kill the Democrats!  If the Democrats are deprived of their ability to define themselves against the Republicans, they will fracture into their component parts:  labor unions, environmentalists, racial and religious minorities, blue-collar workers, et alia.

New alliances and coalitions would necessarily form, unrestrained by the corrupted two-party system.  At long last, progressives would have a chance to make real change.  We'd have to do it the way liberals always do:  by bringing people together, building coalitions, working with others.  But we'd have a better chance than we have now.

So, let me urge you to vote, lefties.  The GOP is like a hooded cobra, trapped under the handle of a rake.  Now is the time to bash its skull in!  If we can prevent the GOP from gaining control of the House, we can kill it!

Like John Lennon said:  You may say I'm a dreamer... yadda, yadda, yadda.


Ridwan said...

I read/hear your disappointment my friend.

At the very least, you remain consistent with your call to vote despite.

The stranglehold of the two party domination must be broken if there are to be meaningful choices/change though.

Peace Dade,

Dan Binmore said...

The Republicans are in no danger of being killed off. No danger at all.
What can happen with a Democrat victory in this election is that the soul-searching in the Republican party that was supposed to happen after the last two elections can happen. It hasn't happened at the moment because the economy has been bad enough that voters will vote for the alternative party regardless of whether it has any plans or not.

The result of soul searching would be a platform of moderate Republicans, a move to the middle, which would probably be responded to with a move to the right by Democrats and the fight, as always, will be the five or ten percent of people in the middle.

It's a two party democracy. The only way to change things is to let the slow,consistent process of progressive ideals that have taken place in US politics continue, or to start a third party in order to require the Democrats to negotiate with progressives to get things done. I actually think most Democrats would negotiate with moderate Republicans first.

The best hope scenario is that the Tea Party will break off and form a party in disgust at moderate Republicans, taking away 20% of the party and enabling democratic politics to move somewhat to the left.

Until these changes a vote is for the best/least bad choice. In a democracy best and least bad are identical terms.

Anonymous said...

America installed Democracy 1.0 in 1787 and has been running the same version (with periodic patches) every since. Meanwhile, the rest of the world has been running Democracy 2.0 with better results.

It is time to ditch the obsolete Democracy 1.27 and upgrade to Democracy 3.0.

This country needs another Constitutional Convention.

John 420 said...

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