Tuesday, October 19, 2010

2010 mid-term election: Time to vote

John Kitzhaber on the campaign trail
The mid-term elections are upon us.  I received my ballot on Monday and had it filled out and in the mail by Tuesday night.  Here's how I went:


US SenatorRick Staggenborg, Progressive

Truthfully, if I thought Ron Wyden was in danger of losing his seat, I would cast my vote for him.  But he is one of the (few) safe incumbents this year, if we can believe the polls and national prognosticators.  So, I followed my heart and voted for the candidate with views closest to mine. 

Here's the line from Dr. Staggenborg's entry in the Oregon Voter's Pamphlet that stuck with me:  "I will work for real health care reform and a Constitutional Amendment to abolish corporate personhood."  Sold!

Representative in Congress, 3rd DistrictMichael Meo, Progressive

Same principle applies here as with the Senate seat:  if I thought Earl Blumenauer might lose, he'd have my vote.  But the GOP has as much chance of winning in the 3rd as Sarah Palin has of being awarded a Pulitzer Prize

I met Michael Meo at the Oregon State Fair back in 2008 and he seemed sincere.  Plus, when I read this blurb in his OVP entry, I knew he was my man:  "I will advocate the withdrawal from over 700 military bases around the world, and the prosecution of the war criminals who initiated aggressive wars and interventions under false pretenses."  Michael, I hate Dick Cheney, too.

Governor:  John Kitzhaber

See here, here, here, and here.

Treasurer:  Ted Wheeler

Wheeler is a Democrat, endorsed by my party, the Working Families Party.  Plus he has the endorsement of the Oregon League of Conservation Voters.  That's good enough for me.

State Representative, 42nd District:  Jules Kopel Bailey

Jules does a good job.

Metro Council President:  Bob Stacey

I met Bob Stacey at a fund-raiser earlier this year.  He strongly supports protecting our farmlands and rural areas from urban expansion. 

East Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation District, Director at Large:  Jill Kuehler

Based on her endorsement by the Oregon League of Conservation Voters.

State measures
  • Measure 70 Expands home ownership loans for Oregon veterans, including National Guard

    Yes.  Oregonians should be proud of our veterans.  According to the OVP, this measure has no direct financial effect on state or local government expenditures. 

  • Measure 71 Annual, time-limited Legislative sessions

    Yes.  I think this measure provides greater flexibility for the state legislature, making it more responsive to the annual needs of the state.

  • Measure 72 Allows state to use less expensive mechanisms for routine borrowing

    Yes.  I haven't heard any cogent arguments against this measure.

  • Measure 73 Increases minimum sentences for repeated sex crimes, jail time for repeat drunk driving offenses

    No.  The last thing we need in this state is to incarcerate more people.  There has to be a more progressive, less expensive solution.

  • Measure 74 Establishes medical marijuana supply system and assistance and research programs, limited selling of marijuana

    Yes.  See here or here.

  • Measure 75  Authorizes Multnomah County casino

    No.  I just can't see how a casino would help anything.

  • Measure 76 Continues lottery funding for parks, beaches, wildlife habitat, watershed protection beyond 2014

    Yes.  Lottery revenues are, by their nature, regressive.  But funding for parks, beaches, and wildlife is essential.  Until a better method of funding is in place, the lottery will have to do.
County measures
  • 26-109 Repeals county term limits 

    Yes.  I've never been a fan of term limits.  They restrict my ability to vote for the person I feel is most qualified.

  • 26-110 Multnomah County Official running for office midterm 

    Yes.  I don't think that holding one office should disqualify a candidate from running for another.

  • 26-111 Salary commission for Sheriff and District Attorney 

    Yes.  I have to admit, I cast this vote solely based on the recommendation of the Multnomah County Democratic Party.  I don't know much about the issue.

  • 26-112 Vacancy in office if office-holder leaves district 

    Yes.  This measure will, hopefully, deter well-financed outsiders from worming their way into Multnomah County government.

  • 26-113 Election dates for vacancies limited to the May and November elections 

    Yes.  This seems to be the most cost-efficient implementation.

  • 26-114 Allows Board of County Commissioners to form county library district

    Yes.  Support your local libraries.

  • 26-118 Five-year levy:  Oregon Historical Society Library, Museum, educational programs

    Yes.  Support our state culture and history.
City of Portland measures
  • 26-108 Shall Portland provide public campaign financing to City candidates who meet qualifying requirements and are subject to additional regulatory oversight? 

    Yes.  We should run our national elections like this. 

  • 26-117 General obligation bonds for fire vehicles and emergency response infrastructure

    Yes.  It's needed.
Tri-Met measure
  • 26-119 Bonds to improve transit, particularly for elderly and disabled

    Yes.  The more we invest in public transit, the better.
Well, like I said, my ballot was in the mail by Tuesday night.  Let's see what happens...

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