Thursday, March 11, 2010

P*ssed off Democrat

Phone rings.

Dade:  Hello.

DCCC rep:  Dade?

Dade:  This is he.

DCCC rep:  Hi, Dade.  My name is [name withheld] and I'm calling on behalf of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.  May I continue?

Dade:  Sure.

DCCC rep:  Well, Dade, as you know, this is an election year and we've got a fight on our hands.  The Republicans are hoping to make substantial gains in their caucuses this year and with the recent Supreme Court decision that will open the floodgates to private funding of elections they'll have a lot of resources at their disposal.  And, as you also know, if the Republicans do succeed in winning a majority in either house of Congress, President Obama will become a lame duck president.  And that will put him at a disadvantage for the 2012 national election.

Dade:  Yes, I'm aware of all that.

DCCC rep:  Well, here at the DCCC we're trying to educate people about the stakes of this year's election through the use of the internet, phone banking, and grass-roots organizing.  We know these methods are effective, but they're costly.  So we're asking supporters to help us, if they can.  Right now, we're suggesting a donation of $100.  Your money would be used to...

Dade:  My turn to talk.

DCCC rep:  Alright, go ahead.

Dade:  First off, I'm not holding this against you, personally.  But you can tell your office organizer that I'm pissed off.  (Pardon my language.)  I'm pissed off that the Democrats took the single-payer health care plan off the table before the debate even started.  I'm pissed off that there have been no investigations into the crimes of the Bush administration.  I'm pissed off that Dick Cheney is not facing a special prosecutor.  I gave money to the DCCC in 2008 and we won huge majorities in both houses.  And I got nothing for it.  These guys do nothing but make excuses about why they can't do anything, and yet they rolled over for every piece of garbage that the Republicans rammed down our throats when Junior was in charge.

DCCC rep:  Hey, listen, I'm pissed off, too.  In fact, I'm not even a Democrat.  I'm an independent.

Dade:  Then you know where I'm coming from.  Listen, you can tell Mr. Van Hollen that he is free to call me between now and the election, 'cause I sure as hell don't want the Republicans taking over.  But I'm going to need to see some results before I send any money.

DCCC rep (chuckling): Well, I can't say I disagree.  Alright, Dade.  Thanks for your time, anyway.

Dade:  Take care, my friend.


Anonymous said...

Come over to the dark side, Dade.

Abandon coke-vs-pepsi partisan politics.

Rhonda "Shusli"

Anonymous said...

well said, rhonda "shusli". well said, indeed!

Stewart King said...

The problem is that you expect that the Democrats will be different from the Republicans. They are, to some extent, but the truth is that so long as the political system is controlled by corporate money there's really no hope of getting anything other than slight variations on the same theme. If I were a reformist I'd say that we need to fundamentally restructure the electoral system - campaign money, voting system, electoral districts - but really I'm a revolutionary. I don't expect much of a change until people wake up and realize that our political system long since stopped representing them if it ever did.