Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wild-eyed prophet speaks

I'm learning to hate all those round-eyed cows
Lowing, chewing cud, pushing hard-nailed hooves
Into the soft earth, leaving seashell prints on my sandy beach,

Nibbling at grass shoots, unconcerned with cold gray winter's approach,
Peaceful miens indifferent even to doom of the cattle car
Mocking, belittling and then ignoring my cold white fury,

Never presenting adequate target for branding iron tongue,
Born of despair and frustration and ev'ry evil humor;
They just keep right on lowing and nibbling,

Off'ring bitter reminder:  clenched fists beat only empty air,
Roots ripped from follicles neither bleed nor bear any guilt,
And groaning, molar-grinding mandible is jaw of an ass;

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