Friday, June 11, 2010

No talk of God, tea-bagger

One thing I have learned in my short time on this mortal coil:  Whenever someone tells you that he knows what God wants, he is a fool or a liar or both.  And this:  you can be sure he has an agenda to sell you.

That's the problem with you, tea-bagger.   You say you know what God wants.  You've told me that.  But I'm not buying it.

You proudly proclaim "I stand with Israel" as Bibi Netanyahu's goons board ships laden with humanitarian supplies for an oppressed people, shooting relief workers dead.  You strain at the lead, praying for the day that the bombs will fall on Tehran.  You write demented letters to the world bemoaning your fate just before you empty your guns into crowds of people who don't believe as you do.

It's okay.  It's what God wants, right?

Oh, I have marked how quickly and willingly you strike the martyr's pose.  "Christians are oppressed for their beliefs!" you wail, even as you insult and dehumanize Muslims, Sikhs, Hindus, and other Christians that don't adhere to your dogma.

"Why must you call me a racist?" you yelp, as you wave around your placards depicting President Obama as an African witch-doctor, as you mock and insult blacks and Mexicans, as you cheer Israeli helicopters firing missiles into Gaza apartment complexes killing "Arabs," as you advocate war.

"Why must you call me a homophobe?" you cry, as you hypocritically denounce gays as perverts and pedophiles.

"Why must you call me a hater?" you lament in one breath, then rant about the evil of "secular progressives" in the next, as you resort to intimidation and thuggery when the old rules no longer work for you.

How very brave you imagine yourself to be!  "I stand with Israel!"  "I'm a conservative Christian!"  "You can pry my gun from my cold, dead fingers!"  Tell me, tea-bagger:  is it brave to stand with the strong against the weak?  Is it brave to side with the demographic that sits at the pinnacle of economic power?  Is it brave to wave a gun in the faces of people who find your views to be asinine?

And how strictly you adhere to the Bible!  Except, of course, when you find it inconvenient to do so.  Thus, we see you reinterpret the Sixth Commandment to more closely fit your agenda.  He didn't mean "kill," He meant "murder."  Isn't that the schtick?

And your reverence for the Constitution would be admirable if you didn't declare the United States to be a "Christian nation" in direct conflict with the First Amendment of the Constitution, which unequivocally declares "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof..."

Because you know what God wants, yes?  

But if you want to talk God, we can do that, tea-bagger.  Let's try this:  Of the deadly sins, there are seven.  Of these, Pride is deemed the most deadly.  It was Pride that felled Lucifer.

Let me ask you, tea-bagger:  Is it not prideful to imagine that one can know the mind of God?

You say you know what God wants while you insult my Mexican family and my Muslim wife.  Well, I'm not buying what you're selling.  So, spare me your talk of God... tea-bagger.


Anonymous said...

What a bunch of SHIT! I am no racist, nor am I am a bible thumping freak. No problems with Mexicans, just ILLEGALS. No problem with ANY race. I, WE, judge people by their MERITS, not by the color of their skin. You have to cry "racist" because you can't argue the truth. You have so many lies and assumptions in this piece of crap. If you don't like our country and the Constitution it's based on, why are you here? Move to Venezuela for your socialist utopia. Get used to us, we're not going anywhere. We're here, we're Conservative. Get used to it :)

Anonymous said...

Strikes me as pretty damn accurate, Mr Anonymous Teabagger.

We just people by their merits?? Really? That's why you have to resort to screaming and yelling insults and slurs at rallys? Because you're so open and fair-minded?

And those damn illegals -- well, gee, who picks your produce, who works in the slaughterhouses, who does the crappy manual labor jobs for below minimum wage?

Save your outrage for the employers and their customers who encourage desperate people to move here so they can be abused with impunity and no legal recourse and used as near-slave labor.

But of course, I'm sure you're a devout Christian and God says it's all ok.

Mari Gold said...

All excellent points. My regards to your wife and family.

And for Anonymous 1 to refer to other human beings as "illegals" is telling of his/her esteem of them.

"We judge people by their MERITS.."

Sure you do. According to YOUR standards and from the stance of the privileged. Constitution? You "conservatives" invoke the privileges thereof when convenient, much like the tenets of the Bible you like to twist to suit your agenda of world domination and the continuance and protection of your privilege.

It ain't all about you, Conservative.