Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bustin' the Democrats in the chops

You get what you deserve, Democrats!
The political set is all aflutter today at what some are terming a potential "Upset of the Century."  I'm speaking of the voter rejection of Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley in her bid to fill the state's US Senate seat brought about by the passing of Senator Edward Kennedy late last year.  As of this writing, the polls in Massachusetts are still open, but the speculation is that Republican Scott Brown will win in a state where registered Democrats outnumber Republicans by a 3 to 1 margin!

Personally, I take grim satisfaction from the prospect.  As I survey the performance of the 111th Congress under the control of the Democrats, and most especially the pompous and politically-tone deaf US Senate, it seems clear as day that Democrats interpreted their historic victories in 2006 and 2008 in the traditional way:  as a routine changing of the guard.  Republicans out.  Democrats in.  Back to business as usual.

Well, here's your wake-up call, dumb asses!  Democrats had better figure out that people outside the Washington Beltway are pissed off.

If Coakley loses, the Democrats will be served a harsh lesson with the death of their big-acorns-small-oaks health care legislation.  Candidate Brown has already vowed to vote against cloture, making the bill susceptible to Republican filibuster.  I won't shed too many tears over this one.  The half-assed health care reform proposal put forth by the Senate is an open-mouthed kiss to health care insurance providers.  The ideal, cost-saving solution, which the voting public supports by an overwhelming margin is a single-payer health care plan.  But Mopey Joe Lieberman and Ben Nelson simply could not abide it.  (Is it just coincidence that they also represent the two states whose primary industry is the legalized extortion we call "insurance?")

Coakley, herself, typifies the insufferable attitude of Democrats in their assumption of entitlement.  Reports are that she disdained the idea of braving Massachusetts cold weather to shake hands with voters at Fenway Park.  She apparently deluded herself into assuming that Senator Kennedy's seat was hers by right.  So, if she loses, it serves her right.

And President Obama, who flew to Massachusetts on Sunday to rally Democrats in a last ditch attempt to save the seat, gets dealt a stern and important lesson, too.  I speculate that, had the President spent the last year aggressively pushing for a progressive health care solution, with a real public option, this Senate seat would be locked up for Coakley or whichever Democrat may have run.  This is Massachusetts, after all.  But instead, he chose to play it nonchalant.  Let the Senate work things out for itself.  Well, Mr. President, that's not why I voted for you.  Whatever happened to "Change has come to America?"

Tea-baggers will be crowing to beat the band if Brown wins.  And that's fine.  I still don't believe that most Americans espouse the vision that these demented reactionaries offer.  But we'll see.

The main achievement in this election is that Democrats have been sent a strong, harsh message.  Do they have the good sense to interpret it correctly?  I'm not overly confident on that score.

But, just last night, a canvasser came to my house to tell me about a new idea called "fusion voting" that is being proposed for Oregon elections.  Her organization is called the Working Families Party.  My disgust at the Democrats is such that I changed my voter registration on the spot.  I'm now a member of the Working Families Party.

I'll post about this new movement in the near future.  But in the meantime, Democrats, this is what you get for your tin-eared ignorance and for your pathetic sense of entitlement.  Eat heartily from your plate of woe!  Relish every bite!  You dumb asses.

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Ridwan said...

More bad news for Obama and on the day marking his ascent to number 44.

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