Tuesday, March 02, 2010

David Vitter versus Stormy Daniels

Senator Vitter in 2007, 'fessin' up to dalliances with hookers, his poor wife at his side
Of all the jackaknapes that fling their doo-doo around on the floor of the US Senate, there are few as loathsome and blatantly hypocritical as Senator David Vitter, from Louisiana. You remember Senator Vitter, yes?  His phone number turned up on the "frequent customers" list of the infamous DC Madam, who ran a brothel for Washington VIPs.  The very same Senator Vitter who suggested that President Clinton "should resign ... and move beyond this mess" during the height of the Monica Lewinski scandal.

The esteemed Senator was also allegedly a patron of a $300/hour brothel in New Orleans, although there has been no documentation to confirm this allegation.  According to some --er --employees of the New Orleans establishment, the good Senator became known as "Vitter the Sh*tter" because of his propensity for diaper play.  (How's that for family values?)

Well, in spite of his publicly-admitted moral transgressions, Senator Vitter is running for reelection to that (august) body we call the US Senate and he stands a good chance of being reelected.

Senator Stormy?
But, watch out Senator Diaper!  A dark horse candidate may yet enter the race.  Namely, Stephanie Clifford, also known as Stormy Daniels.  Ms. Clifford is a celebrity with whom, I'm sure, many of Senator Vitter's most ardent supporters, if not the Senator himself, are intimately familiar.  And I do mean "intimately."  You see, Ms. Clifford is a porn star. 

Ms. Clifford has formed an exploratory committee and registered it with the Louisiana Secretary of State's office.  She even has a web site set up for fund-raising purposes.

Ms. Clifford hasn't really taken a lot of positions (political positions, that is) thus far, and her campaign does not seem to be very active.  Nonetheless, I can't imagine that she has any less political viability than say, a former beauty queen governor.

Of course, there might be some who object to the idea of a porn star in our revered US Senate.  The very idea is offensive!  To have a common prostitute, willing to sell herself for financial gain, with no principles, no morality, seated in the US Senate...why, that's just ...er ...well ...aw, never mind.

Don't you agree, Senator Diaper?

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