Monday, January 30, 2012

The best day of my life (so far)

Stammering in front of a big crowd.  Nephew Gino looks on.
A post today to say thanks to everyone who did me the honor of attending my 50th birthday celebration.  Whether you were physically present or there in spirit, I want you to know that I'm grateful.  More grateful than I can adequately express.

Professor Stewart King, myself, and my old friend and weight-lifting partner from Klamath Falls, Brian Purnell
It's always a wondrous occasion when the various social spheres of one's life intermingle.  In my case, those spheres included family, childhood friends, friends from college, friends from more recent times, coworkers, band mates, neighbors, and members of the local Senegalese community.
Three-quarters of Mahatma Candy, plus guitarist-extraordinaire Jon Haas and the affable Patrick Edenfield
Some of those in attendance I had not seen for 20 or 25 years.  There were friends from my times in Klamath Falls, Redmond, and Salem as well as many of the friends I've made since moving to Portland in 1988.  People came from all over the Pacific Northwest (and Arizona) to attend.

Sister-in-law Sarah and Brother Calee
My entire family went to extraordinary lengths to make this gig come off.  Eric, Kristi, Paige, Tim, Torin, Mia, Kyle, Gino, Calee, Chris, Sarah, Tami, Chae, Seth, Jeanne, Doug, and most especially Mom and Maty.  My beloved wife went full throttle for the 48 hours preceding the event.  She cooked up an enormous amount of African-seasoned chicken and her incomparable shish-ke-bobs.

Edward and I, Broken Home Boys
I also want to acknowledge the other Senegalese ladies, (Mbarou, Naboo, Awah, Nana, Rakki, and all) who generously contributed with their various West African specialty dishes.  I'm so grateful to the Senegalese people who have taken me in to their community with open arms and have become dear friends since the day I married Maty, six years ago.

Good Mister Minor and Diane Freedman, friends and coworkers
When it came time for me to blow-out the candles on my cake, I duly made my wish, drew a deep breath and let 'er fly.  Alas, I came up one candle short.  Humanity will not achieve world peace this year.  But I'm going to keep my fingers crossed anyway.

Myself, Bill Easton, and OrCAD compatriots Cindy Easton and that ol' dawg, Jeff Irwin

So, how do you measure wealth?

I'll tell you how I measure it.  Better yet, I'll show you...

Fritz Siebert, Tony Madarieta, and Cindy Siebert, old coworkers and dear friends
Kris and Mae, one could not ask for better neighbors
Terry and half of the 70s garage band, Constellation IV, featuring Dwight Stroh and me
Sultry Amanda Hauth, Professor Stewart King, naturally-curly Vicky Danielson, perennial candidate for Multnomah County Sherriff Andre Danielson, myself, studious and considered Kurt Kemmerer, and trend-setter Jim Kidwell
Myself, with my dear old friend from Redmond, the estimable Mr. Jeff Lucas, his lovely and elegant wife, Kelly, and wise Mary Minor
Amanda, Jim Kidwell, little Moira Hauth, myself, and political agitator David Hauth
Dignified Eelimaan Mbeng and kids, myself, and two of the King children
Yo y mi sobrino, Torin, que habla el español mejor que yo.
Brother-in-law Tim, Sister Paige, myself, and Mrs. Bobbie Batey, my dear (old) mother

Nana and Mbarou
Maty Bombay, Mrs. Cariaga, the one who made it all happen
Maty and Mom

Maty and me
Saturday, January 28th, 2012, was one of the best days of my life.  Boundless thanks and love to all. Peace!


Marcella said...

Sorry we missed it, Dade - our day was crazy - but our thoughts were still with you - I can see that it was a wonderful day for you and for that I am incredibly happy.  Happy Belated Birthday, my friend.

ridwan said...

Happy belated birthday Dade!

What a wonderful milestone.  Health peace and happiness to you brother.

Onward! hey :0)