Monday, April 05, 2010

Party talk

What a weekend!  Senegal's 50th Anniversary, Sunday Mass at Saint Philip Neri, and Easter dinner at brother Calee's home.  Random snippets of conversation heard at these events:

Maty and Nadiya, dressed to kill for the Senegal Independence Day party
"All I want from someone is honesty. I'm a straight-up person. Maybe that's too much to ask."

"All the way from Sacramento to Bakersfield.  The Central Valley.  What a hole!"

"Some people get scared when things seem to be going too well. They thrive on chaos. If chaos is lacking, they create it."

Maty dancing mbalax to Senegalese drums
"No matter how unfair the report, no matter how incendiary and hysterical the tone, we cannot vilify.  We cannot kill the messenger.  We've got work to do.  The Church, like all human institutions, is sinful and must atone."

"Is it not true that a thoughtful person, upon discovery of a betrayal, will first ask 'What have I done to provoke this?'"

"Would you take a vow of celibacy?"  "Well, considering the last year, that's not a lot to ask."

"Don't make fun of her.  She can't help it if she's a blind midget."

Chae, Kyle, Gino, Mia, Calee, Kris, Sarah, Erin, Maty
Said while hoisting nephew Gino into the air:  "He is risen! He is risen! He is risen!"  Sister Mia:  "Dade, knock it off!"

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