Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Springtime ramble

Firwood Lake in Laurelhurst looks much healthier since the renovation
Troubled world. Racial tensions are running high because of that thing that happened in Florida.  Republicans savage one another, each striving to prove he hates more bitterly than does his rival.  Cheney continues to exist.  Villainy appears ascendant.

Same pond 2010:  Looks like pea soup
In spite of all that, things are pretty good here in the Rose City.  The water in Firwood Lake looks healthy.  There are ducks, but not too many.  In years past, folks would feed them bread.  I did it a few times myself.  I didn't realize that, by doing so, I was helping to create an over-inhabited, unhealthy cesspool.  An all-you-can-eat refectory alongside the migratory highway.  People know now not to feed them.  There are signs up to remind.

Dogs frolicked among cedars in the leash-less area.  Having a great time by the looks of it.  A happy sight.

Maty called on my third circuit through the park.  "Honey, can you get me galette from Grand Central?"

"Which one?" I asked.

"The mushroom."

"Okay, honey."

"You're not too far?"

"No, honey, I'm gonna get it."

I turned west.  About 30 blocks to Grand Central Bakery.  My spirits rose.  Doing things for Maty has that effect on me.

Good men believe they have gifts they must share.  Gifts they would die to share.  If they are lucky, they find people who honor that about them.

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