Sunday, March 11, 2012

Kitchen remodel - before

Goodbye old kitchen!
Tonight is the eve of a major transformation to the Cariaga hacienda. By the end of the day tomorrow, our old kitchen will no longer exist; the new (with alder cabinetry, ample lighting, electric hood, built-in dishwasher, stainless-steel sink, garbage disposal, quartz counter-tops, et alia) will have begun to form out of the wreckage.

Gulp!  It's a big (expensive) step.

We've gone over the plans for the new kitchen in fine detail.  We've asked the contractor all the questions we can think of to ask.  We've been judicious in balancing need and luxury.  We've picked out colors and tiles and cabinet handles.

But it still feels like we're going into this thing blind-folded.  Or, at least, with vision obscured.  Who knows what financial landmines might be revealed as the contractors strip away the passé?  I've heard horror stories about remodels that reveal hitherto unknown problems with the house.  Problems that raise remodeling costs well beyond any worst-case scenarios.

And what, really, will the new kitchen look like?  We've seen the computer mock-ups.  We've examined and compared the various cabinet stains.  We have a vague notion. 

But the only way to ultimately know what the new kitchen will be and how it will work is to see it upon completion.  Which, if all goes according to schedule, will be 5 weeks hence. 

In the meantime, Maty and I will be eating from the refrigerator and microwave (which will be relocated into our living room), taking advantage of the numerous restaurants in our neighborhood, and coping with workmen being in our house all the livelong day.

I'll post photos of the completed job.   With any luck, we will witness our very own Ugly Duckling fable.

Wish us luck!



Minor said...

you might want to take daily pictures, keep the history.

the painter

Mlafayette58 said...

You'll just love it in the end, you will....