Friday, March 16, 2012

GOP candidates bag Portland debate

What?  No party?
According to Oregon Republican Party Chairman Allen Alley the GOP primary debate that was to take place in Portland on March 19th is cancelled.  There go my plans for Monday night.  Bummer! 

Really, though, it doesn't make much sense for the GOP candidates to have a debate in Oregon.  Consider:
  1. Oregon is as blue a state as they get.  Republicans do not hold a single state-wide office.  Governor Kitzhaber's current term is the fifth consecutive term in which Democrats have held the Governor's office.  Both senators and four of five Congressional Representatives are Democrats (including newly-elected Suzanne Bonamici).  Our 7 electoral votes have gone for the Democratic presidential candidate in every election since 1984.  In short, Oregon is not fertile ground for Republicans.  Must be something in the soil. 
  2. By my count, there have already been 27 (!) GOP debates so far this election cycle.  And nearly every one of them has produced footage of one or another of the candidates saying something embarrassingly stupid.  Like when Rick Perry couldn't remember which three federal agencies he would eliminate.  Or when Hermann Cain complained that for every woman who came forward to accuse him of sexual harassment, there were probably thousands who did not.  
  3. The reception that Republicans get in Portland, while loud and enthusiastic, is not all that friendly.  After his reception in the Rose City back in the late 80s, Bush the Elder called the Portland "the Beirut of North America."
Too bad.  I would have enjoyed welcoming Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich to town.

Actually, there's no need to cancel the debate entirely.  Newt committed to attending back when the debate was announced.  And, as far as I'm concerned, Newt is all that is needed.  He's got at least 90 minutes worth of contradictory positions.  He could have a debate all by himself.

Dig that grin!

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Michelle Alexander said...

 Too scared to debate in portland