Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Election day 2010

Well, here we are:  Election Day 2010.

Last night, I dreamt that I came face to face with Karl Rove.  He and I were standing in the middle of Kitzhaber campaign headquarters.  I was overcome with an acid hatred.  I tried to speak, but found that I was out of breath.  "When Rome falls," I wheezed, "I will seek you out.  Be sure of it."  He smirked.

Then Maty gave me a nudge and told me to stop snoring.

Get your ballots in, people!  It's too late to drop them in a mailbox.  You have to take them to official drop sites by 8pm tonight.  Your county clerk's office can help you find the nearest place.  Go to this site:  County Elections Offices.

Regardless of what happens today, the 111th Congress has an impressive record of achievement:  health care reform legislation, Wall Street overhaul, consumer credit card reform and regulation, a big Federal stimulus.

Have they done it all in a way that fits with my left-wing, progressive sensibilities?  Certainly not!  But this is a vast, diverse country.  Nobody gets everything they want.

Election Day 2010... here we go...

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