Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Couldn't someone have done something?

An anonymous poster commented on blog post Terror plot in Portland? expressing dismay at Portland's brush with "terrorism" last Friday. The comment closed with these words:
For some reason when things like this happen I don't ever feel afraid only very very sad.
Brother or sister, whoever you are, you are not alone.  That's exactly the way I feel.  Thank you for articulating it.

What a tragic waste of a life!

I don't understand how this kid, Mohamed Osman Mohamud, might have believed that detonating a car bomb in Portland, Oregon was the right thing to do. 

It's true that most young men are ardent.  I certainly was, at his age.  And sometimes they act rashly in order to make themselves heard in an indifferent world.  But this thing he did, or tried to do, anyway... I don't get it.

Now, his family and his Somali Muslim community will suffer because of his actions.  Now, his life is marred forever.

The trial to come will reveal much, I'm sure. Prime among the many questions for which I hope to learn answers is one that I would ask of the Justice Department:  Was there truly no other way?


Anonymous said...

I do not condone Mohumud's actions, but it is not hard to see how he was roped into them. America has been waging multiple indiscriminate wars in Muslim countries, resulting in very large numbers of innocent civilian deaths. No amount of protesting or truth-telling or political activism has been able to make Americans even CARE about these civilian deaths let alone STOP them. When all legitimate methods are rendered ineffective, some will turn to illegitimate methods.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps it's time for the city to "opt in", if you will, to the Joint Terror Task Force. That will enable Portland PD to have some input into how these investigations are carried out, at the very least.

Anonymous said...

The more I think about this whole set up the wrose I feel. Who knows how long the FBI's were engaging this boy. How long would they have kept this going? Maybe until the government needed a deterrant....oh yeah maybe that is right now. Instead of discussing why the republicans voted not to extend unemployment. Not that I think it should last forever. but how dishearting, first the jobs are gone and then unemployment is gone...and I love it...not that I am a big believer in consummerism or christmas but for most americans this is probably the last nail in the coffin. Ah yes peace on earth good will to men...what a joke. Good point about the "opt in" sort of like you can "opt in" or we will just "opt you in". Reminds me of the history of this country and the Native American...we will give you some blankets and pots and you will give us your land..or we could just "opt in" for you and just take your land. Enough said it wears me out.

Anonymous said...

It appears you may be the only person unaware that Portland opted out of the JTTF.the decision was made by Tom Potter and the result of a jurisdictional pissing match in a previous case.

At the time we were told we were the "first city"to opt out, portland remains the ONLY city to opt out. Incidentally, this has absolutely nothing to do with native americans.