Friday, November 05, 2010

Election 2010: How it came out...

Mid-term elections done and gone.  Let's see how I did:


US SenatorRon Wyden

No surprise. Ron does a pretty good job.

Representative in Congress, 3rd District:  Earl Blumenauer

Earl gave a fire-breathing victory speech in defiance of the new Republican majority in the House.  And I quote:  "With your help, Oregon will be the firewall in the West," said Blumenauer at the Grand Ballroom. "We will look forward to working with our colleagues on reducing military spending and reducing the deficit. I will work as hard as I can to find common ground on things that are good for the American people."

Governor:  John Kitzhaber

Big, big win for Oregon.

Treasurer:  Ted Wheeler

This race wasn't even close.  Good news.

State Representative, 42nd District:  Jules Kopel Bailey

Jules won in a walk.

Metro Council President:  Bob Stacey

As of this writing, the race is too close to call, with Bob's opponent, Tom Hughes, holding a slight lead.  I'd like to see Bob pull it out, but if Tom Hughes wins, I won't be too unhappy. 

East Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation District, Director at Large:  Jill Kuehler

Jill won by a huge margin.

State measures

  • Measure 70 Expands home ownership loans for Oregon veterans, including National Guard

    Yes.  Passed easily.
  • Measure 71 Annual, time-limited Legislative sessions

    Yes.  Passed easily.

  • Measure 72 Allows state to use less expensive mechanisms for routine borrowing

    Yes.  Passed easily.

  • Measure 73 Increases minimum sentences for repeated sex crimes, jail time for repeat drunk driving offenses

    I voted "no," but this measure passed.  I'm afraid it will be very expensive and won't do anything to solve either of the problems it purports to address.

  • Measure 74 Establishes medical marijuana supply system and assistance and research programs, limited selling of marijuana

    Failed.  Bummer, dude.
  • Measure 75  Authorizes Multnomah County casino

    Failed.  I'm glad of that.  Not only was I against it, in principle, but my bet against it paid out 3 to 1!  (That's a joke, heh.) 

  • Measure 76 Continues lottery funding for parks, beaches, wildlife habitat, watershed protection beyond 2014

    Passed.  Oregonians value our state's natural beauty and we'll pay to preserve it.
County measures
  • 26-109 Repeals county term limits 

    Passed.  Thumbs up.

  • 26-110 Multnomah County Official running for office midterm 

    Failed.  I voted "yes."

  • 26-111 Salary commission for Sheriff and District Attorney 

    Passed.  I voted "yes," but didn't know much about the issue.

  • 26-112 Vacancy in office if office-holder leaves district 

    Passed.  Good.

  • 26-113 Election dates for vacancies limited to the May and November elections 

    Passed.  Good.

  • 26-114 Allows Board of County Commissioners to form county library district

    Passed.  We love our libraries.

  • 26-118 Five-year levy:  Oregon Historical Society Library, Museum, educational programs

    Passed.  We love our culture and history, too.
City of Portland measures
  • 26-108 Shall Portland provide public campaign financing to City candidates who meet qualifying requirements and are subject to additional regulatory oversight? 

    Failed.  I'm disappointed.  Publicly-funded elections are a great way to get special interest money out of the electoral process.
  • 26-117 General obligation bonds for fire vehicles and emergency response infrastructure

    Failed.  I don't understand.
Tri-Met measure
  • 26-119 Bonds to improve transit, particularly for elderly and disabled

    Failed.  What a bummer!.
All in all, I'm pleased.  Oregon rejected the GOP and held true to our values, for the most part.

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"Shusli" Baseler said...

So much for me moving to the redwoods. Prop 19 in Cali failed.