Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Laurelin et Johnny, beaucoups de joie!

Laurelin, Johnny, and Maty back in 2007
Well, well, well... ol' Johnny Whitfield got married!  I can't say I'm too surprised given that he married Laurelin Muir who, by anybody's light, is a beautiful, sophisticated, and intelligent woman.

Johnny was my roommate here in Hawthorne from 2003 through 2006.  I remember well the first day he came to my door, responding to an ad I'd placed on Craig's List.  Johnny exuded so much charisma, with his friendly, open manner, his intellect, and (ask any woman who knows him) his devastating good looks, that I knew immediately that I wanted him as a roommate.

Over the course of our three years as housemates, Johnny and I became dear friends.  We could talk for hours about religion or politics or human relations or anything.  We had active social lives and we would orbit in our respective circles regularly.  When Johnny moved in, I got acquainted with a slew of fascinating people. 

But none was more fascinating than Laurelin.  I met Laurelin in 2006, when she and Johnny first began dating.

Maty has a story about Johnny preparing for his first date with Laurelin.   Johnny and Maty were in the kitchen and Johnny was carrying a mango that he meant to give Laurelin as a gift. Maty stopped him on his way out the door, saying, "Johnny!  No mango for gift for dating!  You should buy roses!"  Johnny was uncertain for a moment, but then followed his initial instinct and took the mango anyway.  Laurelin later told Maty that it was delicious. 

Maty and I had only recently married, but she and Laurelin hit it off immediately.  Laurelin, you see, is fluent in French.  Maty's English, at that time, was pretty shaky (it was her fourth language, after all).  I would watch the two of them, Laurelin and Maty, speaking French with such ease, that I became a little jealous:  Laurelin could speak with my wife at a much deeper level than could I.

Well, what a pair do Laurelin and Johnny make!  They complement each other in so many ways.  They're extremely intelligent, French sophisticated, thoroughly cerebral, and hopelessly charming.  Maty and I both feel very lucky to count them among our dear friends.

So, here's to the happy couple!

And a special message from "Mango Maty" and me:

Nous vous souhaitons le meilleur dans la vie et dans l'amour. Nous sommes honorés d'être vos amis.

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"devastating good looks"

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