Saturday, August 07, 2010

Congratulations, Dave and Nicole!

When Dave  Thompson called me (what was it? four months ago?) and asked me if I would stand beside him when he married Nicole, I told him I would consider it a high honor.  If a man thinks enough of you to ask that you be his second at the nuptial gig --well, any man with any character is going to relish that responsibility.

And part of it is saying a few words at the banquet.  Tradition dictates that I recount the virtues of bride and groom, which I am more than happy to do.  But I'm faced with a difficulty in that I haven't spent much time with Nicole.  Apart from a few hours together in September of last year, and the time this morning, Nicole and I haven't had much opportunity to get to know each other.

Nonetheless, I'm pretty sure I know a thing or two about Nicole.  And here's why:  I know her husband.  I've known Dave Thompson now for over 10 years.  We met while working at a company called OrCAD, in Beaverton, Oregon back in 1998. 

Kindred spirits are quick to recognize one another, and it didn't take too many cigarette breaks at the loading dock before we were aware of our mutual love of acoustic guitars, and from there we discovered our similar (Dionysian) attitudes toward life.

Friendship led to guitar-playing led to forming a band, Mahatma Candy, that became, more or less, the primary focus of our lives (and the lives of our two bandmates, Dan and Lori) for nearly 2 years.  Dave and I were roommates and travel companions and coworkers and best friends. 

And in that time, I came to know Dave very well.  We've each seen the other through some crazy times:  sometimes helping each other, sometimes each contributing to the other's destruction.  Whatever we did, we always did with love and trust.

And so that's why I feel like I know Nicole:  because I know Dave.  I know Nicole is wise, because Dave recognizes wisdom.  I know Nicole is kind, because Dave dislikes cruelty.  I know Nicole is beautiful, because... well, I guess I don't need Dave to tell me that.  And I know Nicole is responsible because Dave has an eye for responsible women.

So, I'm pretty confident that I know both parties of this matrimony.  No one can know what time will reveal, but, since I know them both, since I know Dave and Nicole, I'm happy and satisfied that the future for them looks pretty damn good. 

Congratulations, Dave and Nicole!

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