Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Piling on the GOP: New "outing" documentary

Good news, everybody! Republican hypocrisy is about to get some clean, healthy sunlight with Kirby Dick's new documentary, "Outrage."

The phrase "Republican hypocrisy" is so general and examples are so ubiquitous, however, that I should be a little more specific. I'm talking about a particular strain of it: the self-loathing strain. This is a well-established phenomenon wherein some of the most rabid conservative stalwarts are, in fact, guilty of the very behaviors against which they piously hold forth. The film allegedly names names, outing closeted homosexuals from among members of the US Congress and their staff who adhere to the anti-gay agenda.

I'll refrain from saying anything more about the film until I have seen it. (And, yes, I will see it.) But, if it delivers as billed, it could be another slam on Republican street cred.

The Republicans are absolutely reeling right now. A Supreme Court battle is on the horizon and the right-wing base fully expects the GOP to go to the mattresses. The base drove Arlen Specter out and forced him to debase himself publicly to try and salvage his senate seat from its wrath. Rush Limbaugh, himself a self-loathing blowhard, is wielding the whip hand, preventing even the most minute deviation from the accepted party line. In short, the Republicans are being driven relentlessly by their monolithic, neo-confederate supporters in much the same way that Red Army cannon fodder were pushed into German artillery barages by Soviet political commissars. Too bad for them.

Some among those who are allegedly named in the film are still politically viable. How will their being outed play with the base? How much sh*t will "grass-roots" conservatives swallow before they forsake the whole political scene and retire to their revival tents to roll their eyes and froth and babble in Tongues?

The release of this film is another potential body blow to Republican credibility which one must imagine is very close to its nadir... or is it?

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