Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Israeli soldiers murder relief workers

Israeli goons doing what they do best:  killing innocent people
From the Associated Press:
JERUSALEM - Israeli commandos rappelled down to an aid flotilla sailing to thwart a Gaza blockade on Monday, clashing with pro-Palestinian activists on the lead ship in a botched raid that left at least nine passengers dead. 
Bloodied passengers sprawled on the deck and troops dived into the sea to save themselves amid hand-to-hand fighting that injured dozens of activists and six soldiers. Hundreds of activists were towed from the international waters to Israeli detention centers and hospitals. -- Read more here.
Israel's heavy-handed treatment of relief workers should come as no surprise to anyone who is familiar with the blood-thirsty Likud Party and its savage, murderous leader, Benjamin Netanyahu.  These are beasts of the first order:  international criminals every bit as heinous and loathsome as any Saddam Hussein or Kim Jong-Il.

It does not appear that the Israeli soldiers boarded the relief flotilla with the intention of murdering civilians.  And yet, in the moment of decision, like any well-trained military personnel, they reacted according to the priorities drilled into them by their superiors.  And Priority One, as we have seen repeatedly over the last 60 years, is to keep the Israeli jackboot on the Palestinian throat!  Under no circumstances should the international community imagine that they can intervene to help the people of Gaza!  Kill, if necessary!

Blood-thirsty, murderous sociopath, Bibi Netanyahu
Predictably, and disgustingly, the United States is doing all it can to soften the diplomatic repercussions of this act of lawlessness by wielding its permanent veto authority within the United Nations.  But the international outrage at this event is huge.  

This whole sickening incident is another reminder to anyone who cares to notice:  Israel will never consent to a Palestinian state; Israel will never consent to real Palestinian self-rule; Israel will stop at nothing.

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