Thursday, January 08, 2009

Israel cries havoc and lets slip the dogs of war

Seven hundred sixty-five dead Palestinians so far. Three thousand wounded. Schools and mosques targeted by Israeli ordinance. Humanitarian aid halted after an Israeli shell hit a UN relief truck, killing two aid workers. Foreign correspondents barred from entering Gaza to report on the situation. It's all right here.

There's no justification for what is going on in Gaza right now, people. Rocket fire, be damned. The Israelis have had their collective thumb on the Palestinians for 60 years now, cramming them into slums, surrounding them with razor wire and minefields, encroaching on their lands with illegal settlements.

It is all made possible because of massive infusions of US greenbacks, year after year. American support for Israel is unqualified, sacrosanct.

And how has Israel shown her gratitude? By infiltrating our highest levels of government with spies and by violating over 50 UN resolutions. By doing as they damn well please and leaving us to clean up the mess.

Still nary a word of criticism from anyone in the United States with any ability to do anything about it. The US could stop this atrocity today if the political will were there. But with a very few exceptions, US political "leaders" are confirming what we've all known: they are cowards and slaves to the AIPAC lash.

The whole thing makes me sick. I do not support it. I condemn it.

Think about it, people: who do the Israelis most resemble with their intentional (yes, intentional) targeting of civilians in apartment complexes, schools, and mosques? Who are the Israelis emulating when they confine people of a particular ethnicity to guarded slums? When they isolate those people from others? When they prevent those people from receiving basic humanitarian aid? When they strive to keep their atrocities hidden from the world?

In today's political environment, to even look askance at Israel is to risk being labeled an "anti-Semite." So, I won't answer those questions. I leave it to you, dear reader. Ask yourself if there is an historical precedent for this kind of behavior. Ask yourself which fanatically nationalistic people showed such contempt for international law, for basic human decency.

Go ahead... ask!


Shus li said...

"Ask yourself which fanatically nationalistic people showed such contempt for international law, for basic human decency."

The U.S.A., which built its empire upon the congealed blood of the indigenous people living here, and which has since expanded to everywhere on earth.

Oh, yes, and its emulators, Hitler and Nazi Germany.

Ridwan said...

Excellent post brother and an equally excellent comment by Shushli.

If standing for Palestinean rights means I am an anti-semite then so be it.

Israel has a right to exist within the borders agreed upon its creation in 1947.

The rest belongs to Palestine.

Peace and struggle,