Wednesday, September 03, 2008

RNC Day 2: Now that's a party!

Plenty of good seats are still available
There is only one thing more pathetic than a bunch of Republicans having a good time.....and that's a bunch of Republicans pretending to have a good time. Last night's event in St. Paul was like the parent-sponsored punch-and-cookies graduation party at one's high school. While the cool kids are whooping it up with a keg of beer at the local make-out spot, the nerds are back at the school gym eating brownies and polishing their spectacles.

Last night, as each speaker came forth to try and rally the dispirited Republicans, the camera shots would occasionally pan out, away from the rostrum to reveal a lot of empty seats and a general miasma of boredom. The cameras even caught one or two Republican delegates yawning.

Joe Lieberman: he's kinda icky.
Joe Lieberman came out and muddled through a whiny speech with his usual hangdog expression and defeated tone. Poor old Joe...forced by his utter lack of political instinct to debase himself in front of a crowd of people that despise him for his "liberal" views, but that will pretend to honor him so long as he is useful to them. The word running through the various news channels is that Lieberman was McCain's first choice as a running mate, but that Republican insiders forbade it, saying that it would be the coup de grace for any support Mad Johnny might get from the rabid Republican evangelical base. Well, Joe, you're used to being the loser, right?

Tonight, Sarah Palin will come out of her sequestration, where she has been avoiding prying reporters and awkward questions, to speak. From a Republican standpoint, Palin is probably the highlight of the convention. Her nomination is said to be a big hit with the nutty right-wing religious zealots that represent that 28% of the public that still supports Junior Bush. Well, that may be, but it does not bode well for Mad Johnny that it has taken him this long to nail down that base.

"I just wuvs my wittle Johnny..."
Anyway, this slow motion shipwreck just keeps plowing on through. Let's see what they come up with next.


Dan Binmore said...

I'm horrified at the callous besmirching of the fair image of Pinky and the Brain, the pinnacle of cultural achievement in the western world.

Ridwan said...

Keep telling it like it is. I am enjoying this series of posts Dade.

Can't wait until Palin's speech tonight.

Apparently the soon to be son in law will join them on stage.

All in the family??

Peace brother,

Eclectic Dilettante said...

Liberman pissed me off so bad, I had to turn the channel.