Monday, November 03, 2008


Stand up, you people, you lovers, you fools!
Stand up and make yourselves heard!

Confront the bleating, mindless hordes
That murdered their god
So they might love him,
And burn their witches
Before his bloody, broken corpse;

Stand up, you needy, you mighty, you free!
Stand up and make yourselves heard!

Dethrone the blue-blood, powder wigs
Who wept your misery
Nobless oblige
Frowning at your stench
While their butlers turned loose the hounds;

Stand up, you blesséd, you sinners, you saints!
Stand up and make yourselves heard!

Bring down the tottering castles
From which they watched you
With growing alarm
Behind chimeric
Prophesies of bleak disaster;

Stand up!
Their fear can't stop you!

Stand up!
Their japes can't hurt you!

Stand up!
Their lies can't fool you!

Stand up! You people, stand up!

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