Thursday, October 23, 2008

Republicans: Behold the void!

Come! Take your reward! Yea, I bid ye take it with both hands!
I'm speaking to you, Republicans. I'm speaking to David Reinhard at the Oregonian; I'm speaking to Lars Larsen, the loud-mouthed boor; I'm speaking to the insufferable termagant Ann Coulter, and to Rush Limbaugh and that blow-hard Sean Hannity. And I'm speaking to you, too, nameless, faceless Republican who so eagerly fell in behind your bungling, half-witted leader, Junior Bush; you who saw him as a prophet and a noble leader and a man who could finally make everyone else out there suffer for the sin of being happy even though they weren't like you, didn't think the way you thought, didn't dress like you or act like you, and, worst of all, didn't care what you thought about them.

You are about to reap what you have sown. You are about to inherit the wind. The American people are about to stuff your collective foot into your collective mouth, where you can gag on the stink of your gangrenous creed.

GOP leaders and apologists are despondent and frightened. Some of them are predicting the loss of as many as 34 seats in the House of Representatives. There is talk of the Democrats having 60 seats in the US Senate. That's a filibuster-proof majority, you pigs! Eat it! Poor Mad Johnny is the sap who gets stuck holding the bag of s**t that you left for him.

The American people recognize that it was the Republicans' behind-the-scenes sucking up to banking and insurance industry lobbyists that brought us to this financial crisis. The American people know that it was Dick Cheney's insatiable greed that brought about the criminal and unnecessary war in Iraq. They know that it was all a filthy lie! They have seen the corruption that rots your souls, morally and ethically.

And it's all coming apart for you, isn't it? All that insane logic, that twisted Bizarro-world crap that was so f**king ridiculous it was offensive, it's not working any more, is it? All the Karl Rove hatred and division just isn't playing like it used to. Between the morass of the war and the evaporation of everyone's life savings, no one seems to be listening when you bleat about the threat posed by gays or Mexicans or terrorists.

So, drink deeply from your cup of woe, Republicans. Drink it to its dregs. Taste despair and savor it.

Sail on, sailors!
You can't possibly know how good it feels to write this post. For those of us who have suffered fools like you for that last 8 years, now is our time of vindication. The price, economic catastrophe, unending war, ecological disaster, is high... so high that the small satisfaction we gain from seeing you humiliated and ridiculed cannot come close to assuaging our anger. But, one takes what one can get.

Reap your reward, Republicans. Reap it, damn you. Reap it!

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