Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Blood-letting on the Right

Horror! Who could have seen this coming?
  • In Florida, Republican Senator Mel Martinez is retiring at the end of his term. When he announced that he would not seek reelection earlier this year, it was something of a surprise. Martinez, it is rumored, is uncomfortable with the "tone" taken by the right-wing of the Republican party in the immigration debate. The obvious favorite to replace him, as far as Republicans are concerned, is Governor Charlie Crist, a reasonably popular fellow with the advantage of name recognition throughout Florida. But conservatives are uncomfortable with Crist's moderate positions on some issues. And so, in spite of a long list of endorsements from Republican leaders, Crist finds himself facing a primary. The conservatives have introduced their own candidate, Marc Rubio, the former House Speaker in the state legislature. Rubio is more of a fire-breathing conservative with lots of tea-bagger appeal.

  • In New York, there is a special election to represent the state's 23rd Congressional District. The seat is currently held by Republican John Hugh. But Hugh is taking a job as Secretary of the Army in the Obama administration. So party officials selected State Assemblywoman Dede Scozzafava to run as their candidate in the election. The Republican National Committee quickly moved to support her. But Scozzafava, apparently is not conservative enough for right-wingers in New York. They have their own party over there. The Conservative party. They're offering up their own candidate, Doug Hoffman. I'm sure Mr. Hoffman is a beacon of enlightenment.
Right now, the various factions within the Republican party are drawing their knives. Although it has been difficult to discern for the last 10 or so years, Republicans aren't monolithic. Now, the various wings of the wing-nut party are all flapping in different directions. The party is in a shambles. There are no leaders beyond the vile mob orators that bellow on the air waves.

There are all kinds of Republicans: xenophobes, and homophobes. Know-Nothings, deranged gun nuts, and Old School Dixiecrats. Junior held them all together by pointing at the things they feared while he and his buddies looted the treasury. But Junior left town in January and he didn't exactly clean up on his way out.

The media is full of stories of the sniping that goes on between RNC Chairman (and comic genius!) Michael Steele and congressional Republicans. (And what a sorry lot they are.) Meanwhile, the angry rabble is howling. And there is none in a position to harness that anger.

Sweet Sister Sarah

Not yet, anyway. Although they tout glamorous photos of their thrift store gal from Alaska, that will come to nothing. The woman is not up to the task.

Eventually, they will rally around some fast-talking carnival huckster, just like they always do. But first, there is going to be a fight. Lots of blood-letting. Lots of people destroyed, including many people who richly deserve it.

It is beautiful to watch the so-called "conservative movement" destroying itself. Indeed. Very beautiful.

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