Monday, September 28, 2009

Tea-baggers and Dear Leader

Remember the uproar from freaked-out and freaky tea-baggers a couple weeks ago when President Obama scheduled a televised speech to schoolkids? The tea-baggers nearly lost it, fearing that their children would leave home in the morning, happy and carefree, full of the Fear of God, only to return in the afternoon as mindless Obama zombies, hell-bent on imposing socio-fascism on the nation.

Then, after the President delivered the speech, urging kids to pay attention in class, to be responsible for their own education, to stay in school, the tea-baggers were once again revealed as hysterical fools. Even Drum Major Newt Gingrich admitted that the President made a good speech.

Well, last week, tea-baggers attained new heights of apoplexy over this video footage of school kids in south New Jersey singing a song to welcome President Obama, who visited their school.

Well, I watched the vid, and the whole thing seems pretty harmless. But, given that I'm inclined to support President Obama, I'll allow that my opinion might be a tad colored. As I have said before, I think it is important that we do not indulge in a cult of personality, that we not be lured into the "Dear Leader" mentality. So, perhaps tea-bagger concerns about "indoctrination" deserve some consideration.

But tea-baggers, apparently, are selective in their objections. Check this vid of some nutty Christians and a cardboard cut-out of Junior Bush.

Talk about creepy! This video twists at my guts. Watching it, I experienced emotions similar to those I felt at a Christian rock concert I attended while I was in high school. The band of musicians (using that term loosely) had a lengthy proselytizing session, mid-concert, during which they did their "cry-pray-testify" thing. Traumatic!

Mockery and ridicule are generally good tools for dealing with people like this. But be wary. History has demonstrated it time and again: there are very few entities so dangerous as a bunch of "Christians" hopped-up on the Holy Spook. A crowd of nuts like this is right at the point where it starts picking up stones and casting them at "sinners."


Spring Thunder's Blog said...

Ok, I'm about to watch the videos, but please know I literally lol'd over this line:

"...a bunch of "Christians" hopped-up on the Holy Spook."

OMG, that's hilarious!! Except for the scary fact that it's true.

Spring Thunder's Blog said...

OK, I watched and hate both vids.

The first one is encouraging that cult of personality of which you spoke. Also, what is with little white boy being the "leader" of all the other children of color and girls? I see patriarchy, racism, and state worship all in a short clip.

The second vid is from the movie Jesus Camp, if I recall. Scarier than a zombie video maka-hulay-shrema-boollo (I am speaking in tongues!).

My solution: no government, and keep religion your own private shindig.