Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Today is the Day

My prediction: Obama 347 McCain 191

There is not much to say today. Whatever happens, the Good FightTM has been fought. If things come out as nearly everyone predicts, today will be a fine denouement for the long, arduous, and at times hopeless, struggle against the ignorance and fear perpetrated on the United States (indeed, on the world) by this heinous phenomenon that is called the "conservative movement."

As recently as two years ago, I could not have believed that I would see an African-American elected president in my lifetime. As recently as two years ago, my faith in humanity, the very core of my creed, was wavering.

Well, today, we just may have turned the corner.

The challenges ahead of us are daunting. Financial catastrophe, climate change, deforestation, energy depletion, religious fanaticism, and so much more. None of these challenges has been acknowledged, let alone addressed, during the reign of the filthy Bush regime. Indeed, most of the problems have been exacerbated.

But the scales may have finally fallen from the eyes of the American people.

An Obama presidency will certainly not be a panacea. I believe that Obama is far superior to his opponent and (most especially) to his disgusting predecessor. But I know already, that Obama will make decisions that will anger me, that will disappoint me, that will infuriate me.

Nonetheless, I believe he is trustworthy. I believe that he will be receptive to the views of progressives and people working for social justice. That alone, is a vast improvement in the general state of affairs.

We'll know soon enough...


Ridwan said...

Dade I was thinking today that this election day must feel a lot like the day in 1994 when we voted for Nelson Mandela.

There was a lot of hope in the air that day and the weeks thereafter the goodwill continued.

I have already read that the Obama camp is thinking about navigating the 'honeymoon period' ...

I am thinking of you on this election day with sincere support.


Shus li said...

The whole world is watching, hoping for a "less arrogant America." (commondreams.org), and so am I.