Tuesday, November 18, 2008


"Life of pain, life of pain,
Son of Cain, son of Cain,
Break the chain, end the reign,"
Cry the slain, voices strained,
"Break the chain!"

Lad insane,
Thy refrain, once again,
Most mundane, ascertain:
Spake in vain, to the strain,
Of the rain!

Blind pain, mind reign:
Cannot feign;
Light-bane, ordained,
God profane;
Your pain, my gain,
Of the twain,
No strain, small brain,
Choice is plain;

Mange murrain,
Brings disdain, patchy mane;
Can't explain, honor stain;
This quatrain, on the wane,
Once again!

(Note to readers: the cadence for this verse is loosely based on the progression used in the Led Zeppelin tune "Kashmir." See if you can pick it out!)

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