Wednesday, January 23, 2008

An apology to three good people

And cold and clear the dreary dawn before,
I wake again to see I am a fool;
Thin sunlight lights the wrongs upon my score;
Madam Disgrace bestride me: doltish mule!
A mirror shows the object of remorse
Another son of Adam gone to dust;
Fond mem'ries, have I sullied, being coarse,
And so, beg pardon sir and ladies must;
Obscurity from public can but mask
Specifics of my most abash'd transgress;
In pain sincere and shame I am to bask,
Please grant me open ear whilst I confess:
No malice, no, nor disrespect intend
I danced the jester's jig now knee must bend

1 comment:

Ridwan said...

In Islam it is said that anyone who confesses from the heart and asks for forgiveness cannot be refused.

The basis of this principle comes from the often repeated verse that "God is Most Gracious and Most Merciful" ...

You touched me here brother.

I have been there, and will be again.

Peace to you,