Tuesday, December 18, 2007

3 Doors Down: Whoring for the Neo-cons

How very disheartening... Even now, when the lies, exaggeration, and deception that led the American public to half-heartedly agree to the invasion of Iraq have been exposed (and, call it a hunch, but I suspect we've seen only the tip of the iceberg) there are those who will still cynically bleat about virtue and patriotism to convince young people to feed the war machine.

Last weekend, during the interminable orgy of advertisements and previews one must endure in order to see a movie, I was exposed to this piece of propaganda put forth by the pseudo-grunge band 3 Doors Down:

The video is a promotion for the National Guard, and, as you can see, appeals to youthful ideals that, in and of themselves, are noble: the desire to contribute to society meaningfully, to help those in need, to use one's strength to protect and serve.

All well and good. But here's the problem: the National Guard is currently being used to feed the dilapidated war machine of Junior Bush and the neo-conservatives. Earlier this month, five Army National Guard Brigades (including the 41st BCT, Oregon National Guard) were informed that they are to deploy to Iraq and Afghanistan in the summer of 2009.

It's a lie, people! If you enlist in the National Guard, you are offering yourself up as fodder for Dick Cheney's demented dream of empire and global hegemony.

Undoubtedly, this production will be hailed with gibberish similar to this, put forth by someone calling himself BlueZeus:
Excellent job. Congratulations on a great production! I am sure the anti-military, anti-patriots will have a lot of hate for this video but they would not have the right to free speech without the heroic deeds of the Guard.
These fake patriots are always looking for ways to make themselves seem Christ-like, aren't they? Their line goes like this: "Go ahead, you hippie freaks! Spurn us! We're dying face down in the mud so you can have the right to spit on us!" Yawn.

But today my disgust is aimed at the band 3 Doors Down. The band (from Mississippi, no less) wrote this song and produced this video, as an appeal to the natural virtue of young people. But, one wonders why the strapping young lads that comprise the band aren't enlisted themselves. Or, are they doing their "part" by helping recruit (and, oh by the way, making lots of money)?

Many artists have been lured into compromise by the siren of financial reward. In fact, most of us have made these compromises in our lives. But rank hypocrisy and willful dishonesty like the song "Citizen Soldier" extends beyond the venial to the mortal.

Chrissie Hynde, of the Pretenders may have said it best:
Hey, baby, I wanna know
How much did you get for your soul?
You had the gospel when you were shackled to a tree;
Now you've got your freedom, you sing for the money;
Hey, baby, tell me please
How much did you get for that sleaze?
You finally made it right up to the top,
Millions of kids are looking at you,
You say, "Let them drink soda pop"

Chrissie Hynde
The National Guard itself is a fine organization, and serves our people well when properly equipped and supplied. But the neo-conservatives, with their simian half-wit leader, Junior Bush, have been abusing the National Guard (and the rest of the US military) to pursue their narrow interests in Iraq.

I implore anyone that might read this blog to do what you can to convince young people not to join the National Guard -- not while it is being used to further the agenda of neo-conservative devils. And, as for 3 Doors Down, faithfully serving the public via Adam Smith's invisible hand...enjoy your money, lads. It comes at the price of your souls.

3 Doors Down: Anything for money, eh, boys?


Shus li said...

Thanks for pointing this out, Dade. Recently, Eugene called for a boycott of Regal Cinemas, which shows this propaganda. Then we went to see "I am Legend."

Anyway, it felt kinda good to leave the following message on 3DD's website under "boards":

"I used to like 3 Doors Down. Unfortunately, they are now pimping the illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq by the U.S. to those of us unfortunate enough to go to the movies where we are a captive audience to their new song, which is paid for by the National Guard. The song, “Citizen Soldier” is nothing more than propaganda designed to encourage people to go into the military.

Well, hypocrites [3DD], why don’t YOU sign up? I’ll even hold the door to the recruiting center open for you. Here is my suggestion for your enlistments:

[band members]
Brad Arnold ARMY
Matt Roberts NAVY
Chris Henderson AIR FORCE
Todd Harrell MARINES
Gregg Upchurch NATIONAL GUARD"

Unknown said...

Yeah, I was assaulted by this video when I went to the movies on Friday. If it weren't for being able to get a good seat, this type of crap makes me want to wait until the last possible moment before getting to the theater.

I don't really blame Regal though, it's all advertising dollars to them - courtesy of your tax dollar for recruiting! We even had the same advertising crap on our popcorn bag. Who's to blame them in the game of capitalism for taking dollars wherever they can get them.

And yet, I won't be purchasing any 3 Doors Down albums any time soon, that's for sure.

Anonymous said...

Right on! We were exposed to this piece of war propaganda in the AMC Theaters outside of Seattle - and we walked out, demanding our money back. Today we went back with more people - and we stood up in the theater to state why we were leaving. We are planning more actions till this propaganda promotional piece for the National Guard is removed from all theaters. We vote with how we spend our money. Don't go to any theaters advertising the feature - Citizen Soldier.

Anonymous said...

What a horrible article, I shouldn't even bother posting to this article which is clearly written to stir up controversy. We're at war if you haven't read the news lately. Some may agree, some may not agree. We should support the troops regardless of our personal opinions. Soldiers have the guts to voluntarily serve their country and leave their families to serve overseas for long periods of time. They deserve respect. This video shows the good that the national guard is doing in the community and overseas.

Anonymous said...

All Hail the Brave Citizen soldier. When they kick down your doors to seize your guns and take you to the FEMA camps, will they be the great Citizen Soldiers then? This video is sad. They take the true patriotic spirit of the Militia, and whore it out to a corrupt Mafia government run by offshore bankers who Hate America.

Anonymous said...

Rahm and Obahm are coming for your Gunz.

Anonymous said...

I also use to like 3 Doors Down until I saw this propaganda in the theaters. I have 2 16 yr old sons and I don't appreciate this being shoved down the throats of young people.

Anonymous said...

Look, more wastes of carbon spouting off b.s. opinions that mean absolutely nothing to anyone. Those of you who hate 3 Doors Down because they made a supportive video of the Guard are certifiably moronic. Luckily, no one, and I mean no one gives a shit about your mentally inadequate opinions. People read this "blog" and comments and think, "oh wow, another bunch of cretins got together and shared a 'moment' together..." In the true spirit of Liberalism, please do everyone a favor and jump off the nearest bridge!