Friday, November 09, 2007

Video faves...

Friday fun. Videos of some of my favorite bands.

Jethro Tull: Thick As A Brick

This video is from the Too Old To Rock 'n Roll era, just before Ian Anderson restructured the band. This incarnation, with Martin Barre (of course), John Evan, John Glascock, David Palmer, and Barriemore Barlow is one of my favorites. One of the many faces of Jethro Tull.

This is the old Yes, with Steve Howe, Jon Anderson, Chris Squire, Alan White, and Rick Wakeman. To me, this will always be the true Yes line up.

CSNY: Down by the River

From the bygone flower power era. I love to watch Stephen Stills and Neil Young trade guitar licks. Although their relationship has been rocky, they obviously loved to play together. (David Crosby looks like he is really high, doesn't he?)

Joni Mitchell: Cactus Tree

This is Joni before she hit it big. Cactus Tree is a song that so many men can relate to, when they think about that woman each of them has in his past; the woman that he wanted so bad he could taste it, but that just wasn't ready.

Van Morrison: Tupelo Honey

I was in San Sebastian, Spain, back in 1999, with an Australian named Jay, whom I'd befriended on the train up from Barcelona. We were hanging out in an Irish pub (hanging out in an Irish pub, in Spain, how's that for irony?) getting drunk and listening to Van Morrison's Hymns to the Silence. I said "Van's the Man!"

"Van is the Man," said Jay. "He's never let me down."

We kicked a few back in Van's honor.

Bob Dylan: Isis

One of Bob's stranger incarnations. What's with the white face? Isis tells a great story in the signature Bob Dylan way: he sketches the story out and allows you, the listener to fill in the details...

The Beatles: Hey Jude

The Fab Four. There will never be another band like the Beatles.


Anonymous said...

Nice. Not that I get to listen to the music I choose all that much anymore. Ah, at least Catcher is fan of Johnny Cash.

I'm going to check out the Joe Strummer documentary at Cinema 21 this weekend. If my body didn't ache so much, and my gut didn't stick out over my belt, I might even be able to pretend I was 14 again.

14? Fourteen years doesn't even seem very long to me anymore.

Shus li said...

Thanks for the musical interlude. Nice choices!