Friday, September 21, 2012

Racist murderer on the loose

Have a good look.  If you see this guy, get away from him and call the cops immediately!
Clackamas County Sheriff's Office issued an arrest warrant for Erik John Meiser, an alleged white supremacist with a history of violent crime.  Meiser is suspected in the murder of Frederick "Fritz" Wheeler Hayes, 57, of Lake Oswego.  Hayes was murdered at his home in Lake Oswego on Monday morning.

Meisner stands 6'5", weighing 170-190lbs.  He is wanted in a half-dozen states for a whole slate of violent crimes.  Police consider him dangerous.  He likes knives.  If you see him, don't engage.  Call the cops immediately.

The murder took place at the Lake Oswego location indicated on this map.

I'm sure the police are way ahead of me on this, but folks living near Tryon Creek State Park might want to be particularly cautious.  If Meisner is still in the Portland Metro area, he could well be hiding out somewhere in those woodsy slopes.

Apparently, Meisner uses public transportation and travels by foot.  The thought of a murderous racist using public transport makes me fret for my TriMet riding, black wife. But if he's managed to elude authorities across California, Nevada, Kansas, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, Meisner probably knows he can't just hop on the old #47 and ride in to Tualatin.

What a sad and horrific time for Fritz Wheeler's family and for all of Portland Metro.

Odds are Meisner's long gone, but keep alert.  And let's hope authorities catch up with him soon.

Update:   Authorities arrested Erik John Meiser outside a Super 8 motel in Corvallis on Saturday.  Meiser was arrested at gunpoint, without incident.  Good news!  I know I'll be breathing easier. 

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