Wednesday, August 29, 2012

RNC 2012 Day 3: M'eh

Last night, I enjoyed a flavorful repast with wife and two dear friends.  I would not spoil the hopeful ambiance with poison from the Republican National Convention.  The television was off.

I peeked in on it this evening. As my barrista put it:  "It's good to keep an eye on those people."

Well, yes.  That is true. It's an appalling sight, though.  That is also true.

Caught a glimpse of a nostalgic video reverie on Bush Elder and Lesser and could not sit through it.  Distaste for Junior evokes a physical reaction.  Less so Bush the Elder.  The man was at least capable.  I never hated him.  It is sad to see age cloud about him. 

But Junior is a different story.   They knew they needed the Old Man to be there with him.  Junior humiliated himself again.  But hiding behind his father --his age-enfeebled father --is the only thing he knows.  He's done it all his life.

Mitt Romney?  Empty suit.  A man with a single mercenary conviction.  Mormon?  More like Mammon!

Paul Ryan?  He's been groomed.  He was chosen.  The shadow people chose him.  A farm boy from Wisconsin who would advocate against hated entitlement programs and not burn for it.  As a kid, he read Atlas Shrugged and took it to heart.  (You can bet that made them smirk.)  Now he's on the ticket.  If Romney is elected they will claim (more or less legitimately) that the election was a referendum on the future of Medicaid, Medicare, maybe even Social Security.  You know where it goes from there.

If they ever get everything they want, the whole country goes wild west.  Oligarchy, protected by a massive publicly-funded military; unconstrained by social responsibility. Unstable and unsustainable.

But they don't look that far ahead.  It's a quarterly-report game for them.

There's no point in listening to Ryan's speech.  He's got nothing to say.   The Republican Party has nothing to offer me.  Nothing. 

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