Monday, August 27, 2012

RNC 2012 Day 1: Rained out

Party, Reince?  Isaac wanna come!
For the second consecutive occasion, opening day of the Republican National Convention is cancelled due to inclement weather.

Remember four years ago?  Opening day of the 2008 GOP convention was cancelled because Hurricane Gustav was bearing down on the Gulf Coast.  Even though Republicans were safely slouched on their bar stools in Minnesota, a thousand miles from the "action," the media-savvy amongst them could not stomach the thought of GOP festivities juxtaposed against footage of wind and rain savaging American cities.  Besides, Junior and Cheney were slated to speak that night.  Gustav did them all a favor in that sense.  In an astonishingly frank concession, Republicans did not reschedule time for their own sitting president and vice-president to speak at their party convention.

Well, here we are in 2012, and history is repeating itself.  Tropical Storm (and soon to be Hurricane) Isaac is set to lash the Gulf Coast on the very day that the GOP was to open its convention in Tampa, Florida.  And while this time, the Republicans don't have a hated incumbent to hustle out of camera view (neither Junior nor Cheney will be speaking at this year's convention), they are worried about the safety of their delegates.  (As an aside, anyone remember that myth about domestic turkeys being so stupid that they would drown themselves by gazing skyward during a rain storm?)

I'm sure it's no skin off their collective shoulder.  They'd probably rather just hang out in the bar, anyway. God knows, if I were a Republican, given the state of my party, that's what I'd do.

Don't wanna get all Pat Robertson on you, folks, but if Republicans believe even half the claptrap that spews from their blowholes, they really ought to be sweating just a hair.  Remember when Pat Robertson claimed that legitimizing gay marriage would call down the Wrath of God on this nation?

What, then, are we to infer about God's Judgement now that the second consecutive Republican national convention is being squashed by another massive, blustering storm?

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