Thursday, July 28, 2011

The making of "Atomic Nuclear Bird Satans from Saturn"

Horror!  Bird Satan stalks unsuspecting lovers.
Said it before and I'll say it again: You just never know what you're gonna see in Portland.

Up on Tabor yesterday, I encountered a group of enthusiastic young folks, collectively known as Ragdoll movies, at work on a video.  The video, entitled "Atomic Nuclear Bird Satans from Saturn" is set for release (on YouTube) in about two weeks.  Lead actor Peter Litster described the flick as a "Fifties horror spoof."

The scene they were filming involved two young lovers sitting on a park bench, enraptured with each other and blithely unaware of the approach from behind of a Saturnine Bird Satan.  I don't think it ends well.
Bird Satan, played by Richard Marcy
The Ragdoll gang exuded youthful enthusiasm, which I found not only infectious, but refreshing.  Faith in one's work is rare (sadly) among those for whom it is warranted, and common (infuriatingly) among those for whom it is not.  But in the case of the Ragdoll company, with most of their lives still ahead of them, it is promising.

("Give it time," scoffs the jaded middle-aged artist.  "They'll come around."  Well, yes, they certainly will.  But there is no point in plucking the petals off a rose in bloom, eh?) 

Jace Brownlow directs his cast

Ragdoll movies already has a few shorts under its belt (check out the website here).  I perused some of their stuff and rather enjoyed it.

Youth's natural optimism is balm for the soul, I tell ya.

Atomic Nuclear Bird Satans from Saturn
Jace Brownlow - filmmaker
Sarah Ferguson -actress
Peter Litster -actor
John Litster -crew
Richard Marcy - Bird Satan

Update: Jace Brownlow sent me the link to the finished product. Be forewarned! Atomic Nuclear Bird Satans from Saturn is not for the faint at heart.


Jace said...

Our film should be done and finished in about a weeks time. I will give you the link to the video on youtube when it is :D

Jace said...

John Litster said...

Thanks for the love, SFSN. :) One wee correction, its actually Litster.... but your glowing review is much appreciated.