Tuesday, February 22, 2011

If they can do it in Tripoli, they can do it in Madison

Just to repeat:  the people demonstrating in Tripoli who are being brutally attacked by the military regime of our dear, old "friend," Revolutionary Leader Gaddafi, and the people standing together and demanding that they be heard in Madison, Wisconsin are brothers.

Though they may differ in nationality, ethnicity, language, or religion, they have more in common with each other than with corporate robber barons, insurance company executives, and usurers.  And if people ever figure that out, if they can see through all the hysteria and fear generated by the mouth pieces, we could be standing at the gateway of a very exciting time to be alive.   

As Professor Howard Zinn showed us in A People's History of the United States, occasionally, populist movements arise.  People, working together, affect great social change. 

The demonstrations occurring in Tripoli, Cairo, Bahrain, Tehran, Madison, and perhaps soon, across Michigan and Ohio, could be the beginnings of something awesome and irresistible.

We, the people, the common people that make the world work, could awaken to our own power.

We all saw what happened in Egypt.  Now people are trying it in other places.  As they succeed, they increase their own power, and diminish that of the shadowy figures who get rich by keeping them divided.

We could be there, brothers and sisters.  We could be standing at the dawn of one of those awakenings that changes everything.

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