Thursday, September 09, 2010

Scooter Libby whines

Surreal.  That's all I can say.  Check this exchange between between Fox News' Monica Crowley and convicted perjurer and former Chief of Staff to Dick the Beast, Scooter Libby:
CROWLEY: Scooter, a final question for you. That absurd political witch-hunt that you were subjected to during the Valerie Plame case, your sentence was commuted, but you never did, in fact, get a pardon. Are you still hopeful that eventually you might get a pardon?

LIBBY: […] I learned two things from this. One is the world’s not just. And the second is it doesn’t do a lot of good to whine.

CROWLEY: You’re a class act, Scooter Libby. And had Monica Crowley been president of the United States, you would have gotten that pardon.
Go here to see the video.

Monica Crowley calls the investigation into the "outing" of a CIA operative who was working to prevent Iran from building nuclear weapons, an "absurd political witch-hunt."  But, of course, that assessment is belied by the fact that Scooter Libby was convicted by a jury of his peers on charges of perjury and obstruction of justice.

Undeterred, Crowley goes on to gush:  "You're a class act, Scooter Libby.  And had Monica Crowley been president of the United States, you would have gotten that pardon."  Just goes to show:  Junior Bush may be the worst president in the history of this nation, but we've still got some digging before we hit the bottom of the barrel.

And as for Scooter:  Do you mean to say, Scooter, that it took you 60 years to figure out that the world is unjust?  Slow learner, apparently.  I had that figured out when Junior and Dick started their filthy war (with your help) and got away with it.

But your conviction seems to stick in Old Man Dick's craw, judging from the way he tried to bully Junior into granting you a pardon.  That's about as much justice as I suppose we can expect in this world.

As Cardinal Altamirano said, in Roland Joffé's classic 1986 flick, The Mission, "... thus have we made the world... Thus have I made it."

There might be a lesson in there for you somewhere, Scooter.  But I doubt you could find it.

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Dan Binmore said...

While Bush had many flaws I think it important to remember that he also had good qualities. In this case he did the right thing. There are other notable examples, such as him not being a racist, his increase in foreign aid, his respect for and cooperation with the incoming Obama administration etc..

Bush's main problem was that he was a mediocre mind, with a simplistic world view thrust into a position requiring great intelligence and enormous sophistication. He simply couldn't cope. The only thing that stopped him from leaving as a one term, do-nothing, irrelevant, forgotten President was the jingoistic reaction of the American people to 9/11.

Us versus Them is the problem with the USA. Hating Scooter Libby doesn't help anyone.