Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Day old Easter hyacinths

Ambling through Fred's, 'cause Maty's workin' tonight
And I miss her presence in the house;
Apple cinnamon low-fat granola,
And something for her, too, just 'cause I miss her;

We had walked up the street for pho the other day;
Tulips, cherry blossoms, and blueberry buds;
"What is that one?" cocoa-colored finger extended;
Hyacinths, pink and pale, though I could not remember;

Flowers at Fred's cost less 'cause Easter's over;
Day-olds, dry and neglected;
One pale pink hyacinth, drooping, unloved toward the inevitable,
Moves my heart to pity... to love and pity!

A swift walk home to the kitchen sink;
Tap water deluge of love:  Drink up!
Drink long, drink deep, for God's and my sake!
'Cause if you won't drink, then no one ever will;

I hope to imagine there's never anything ever,
Never, ever --anything at all
That might be wrong with day-old Easter hyacinths
That I could not bear to forsake;

1 comment:

Ridwan said...

Day old or more, happy Easter brother.

Peace to you and Maty.