Thursday, November 12, 2009

Star light

Billion years having passed,
wolf-rayet succumbed
to tormenting solar winds,
emitted an agonized howl
of light into black void and darkness:

Bent and pulled, as it left,
by ten million dwarfs,
all white and red, black and brown,
 from galaxy radiate out,
through nebulae vast and uncounted;

Through cold space onward fled
toward that yonder speck,
which grew into Milky Way,
in time-bending hurtle from Bang;
was caught in one great twisted arm,

Swept on through, witnessed all:
worlds ancient and cold:
in ev'ry brief 'ternity,
departed with nary a peep,
gas giants and icy dead terras;

Even now washing over
our little blue marble,
where sit we with hand in hand,
admiring our clear night together,
and sensing some echo of sadness;

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Anonymous said...

I love you Dade
Blessed Be, jeanne