Thursday, April 23, 2009

Lawyer up, Condi!

Bad news for Bushies!

A report released by the Senate Armed Services Committee yesterday states that Junior's confidante Condi Rice, approved the use of the so-called "enhanced interrogation techniques" that are the subject of so much furor. The report says that Condi, in her role as National Security Adviser, gave approval in 2002 to CIA Director George Tenet to use waterboarding and other "harsh" interrogation techniques.

This revelation appears to be in conflict with Condi's written testimony to the Committee in the fall of last year. She 'fessed up to attending some meetings of which she claimed she could not recall the details. But it is now established that, not only did she attend these meetings, she led them. Further, she did not mention that she had a direct role in approving the techniques.

They call that perjury.

And, remember that Tuesday, a legal adviser that worked for Condi, Philip Zelikow, stated that the administration not only ignored a memo he wrote dissenting from the legal opinions expressed in the "torture memos" authored by administration advisers John Yoo and Jay Bybee, it attempted to have it destroyed.

Listen to the rhetoric that is being thrown around on the cable news networks. Republicans like Senators John McCain and Lindsay Graham are saying that there should be no prosecutions, that we need to find out what happened and move on. Meanwhile, Democrats like Senator Sheldon Whitehouse and Patrick Leahy are not saying that there should be prosecutions. They're saying "Let's find out the facts. Let's see where it leads." If I'm reading this right, that means that they're on to something.

I have to imagine that Big Dick is starting to sweat. To his way of thinking, having Condi be the one in the cross hairs is a nightmare. She'll roll. She's not a soldier like Scooter Libby, willing to take one for the team. Condi was always more in to the glamor and the camera flashes. When things start getting really tough...

At this point, Attorney General Holder is almost compelled to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate this matter. A good prosecutor will know where to find the weak link in the chain. If it were me, Condi would be one of my first choices.

I have no doubt that some big names are making calls all over Washington to find Condi some legal counsel. They'll foist her off on some high-powered DC consiglierie like Bob Bennett who is an expert at making black seem white.

Still, Big Dick has got to be worried. He's never liked Condi and she never much liked him either. Besides, she ain't got no stones.


Dan Binmore said...

Everyone from Bush to generals in Iraq should be in jail for decades. There's never been any doubt that people were tortured, that this was done under the instruction of the highest officials in the government. There's never been any doubt that the invasion of Iraq was illegal and that war crimes resulted (the forced evacuation of the civilian population of Fallujah is as clear an example as there is). What has been lacking are people with moral courage. The Democratic Congress under Bush were craven and pathetic. The military personnel who just did what they were told were craven and pathetic.

Obama should get the USA in the World Court ASAP, and Bush should be in the same courtroom as Milosevic.

Ridwan said...

May they all fry ... the sooner the better hey.

All that suffering cannot go without consequences!

Peace Dade.

Eclectic Dilettante said...

Yep, they all need to spend the rest of their lives behind bars. Better yet, they should be forced to experience the consequences of their own policy.

I have no faith in the corrupt holding the corrupt accountable. Dog and pony show perhaps. Real accountability? Never.