Friday, August 15, 2008

Senator Gordon Smith: Oregon's weak sister

Senator Smith, your act is wearing thin
Like the runt of a mongrel litter, poor Senator Gordon Smith has been pushed away from the teat of real power and is shivering out in the cold. It's not really his fault; Gordie is just not mean enough or greedy enough to succeed in today's Republican party.

While the big pups (Bill Frist (R-TN), Trent Lott (R-MS), and Ted Stevens (R-AK), for example) were gorging on Mama Graft's swollen udder, Gordie had to content himself with whatever was left over. Despite being in the Senate for 12 years, Gordie remains a GOP back-bencher that gets dragged out in front of the cameras every so often when they have a specific task for him.

And now, in his milk-toast, spineless way, after 12 years of being the GOP leadership's man-servant, he is trying desperately to erase Oregon's collective memory of how slavishly he has devoted himself to the Republican agenda.

Check out this ad, that he's been running on Oregon television.

Notice, Gordie talks about how he worked with John Kerry and Barack Obama. No mention of his party's nominee, mad Johnny McCain. Only one mention of Junior, and a negative one at that. And here's the kicker: the ad does not ever mention Gordie's political affiliation. (Can you blame him? He's a Republican.)

In fact, just yesterday, Gordie stepped down as the honorary state campaign chairman for the GOP presidential campaign this year. And he's already stated that he will not attend the GOP convention in Minneapolis next month.

If you need a refresher on Senator Smith's real record in the Senate, check out this post I wrote about a year ago: Senator Smith: Moderate? Hardly!

Well, since this blog is all about balance (ha ha!), I've run a Smith ad, so I suppose I'm compelled to post an ad for Jeff Merkley, Gordie's opponent.

Go Jeff!


Ridwan said...

Your post makes me miss Oregon and Oregon politics :0)

By the way brother, what did you think about the rumours that Colin Powell was gonna endorse Obama?

Just nonsense, or is their something in there?


kate said...

actually i think gordon smith is a whiney, sniveling, little traitor sitting in a corner waiting for a bone from anyone.

i won't be voting for him.

Eclectic Dilettante said...

In NY they aren't any better. Greedy cowards, the lot of 'em.