Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Time to mark those ballots, people!

Well, Oregonians, primary ballots have arrived and we're called upon to say our piece. I'm a registered Democrat, as embarrassing as it can be to admit that sometimes. So, here's how I voted:

United States President: Barack Obama
See here, here, and here. Oh, yeah....here, too.

United States Senator: Jeff Merkley
Jeff seems genuine. He comes from a blue-collar background. He's endorsed by the Sierra Club, the SEIU, and my very smart neighbor, Mack. I think Jeff has a great chance of knocking off the craven Gordie Smith in November.

United States Representative in Congress, 3rd District: Earl Blumenauer
Earl generally does a good job. I wish he'd push Nancy Pelosi to be more aggressive, though.

Secretary of State: Kate Brown
On the strength of her endorsement by the League of Conservation Voters.

Attorney General: Greg Macpherson
On the strength of his endorsement by the League of Conservation Voters, and neighbor Mack. The other guy sounds too much like Dirty Harry.

State Representative, 42nd District: Jules Kopel-Bailey
On the strength of his endorsement by the League of Conservation Voters and his endorsement by neighbor, Mack. Jules helped keep Wal-Mart out of east Portland and believes GLBT citizens deserve the same rights as everyone else. Also, Jules grew up on 35th Ave, just one street over from my house. Call it a "local boy does good" vote.

City of Portland, Commissioner, Position 1: Amanda Fritz
Amanda, a registered nurse, seems to recognize the disparity within Portland in the development of and investment in neighborhoods. She also recognizes that Portland is a jewel of a city, that we need to maintain it, and continue to work toward sustainability and equity.

City of Portland, Commissioner, Position 2: Nick Fish
This is the vote I'm least sure about. But I voted for Nick because he makes all the right noises about sustainability and progressivism.

City of Portland, Commissioner, Position 4: Randy Leonard
So far, so good, Randy. Keep it up.

Metro Councilor, 6th District: Robert Liberty
Robert has a very green bent to his positions, which goes a long way with me. He's endorsed by the League of Conservation Voters.

Multnomah County Commissioner, District 1: Deborah Kafoury
Deborah was Democratic Leader in the Oregon State House, but I can't say I know a lot about her. I'll say this: her list of supporters includes some people I really admire. I have to admit, though, this was an uninformed vote.

City of Portland, Mayor: Sam Adams
I cast this vote mostly out of suspicion toward Sho Donzono, who seems a little too cozy with the business community.

Measures 51, 52, and 53: No, no, no!
I wasn't sure how to interpret these measures. Generally, it seems to me that "victim's rights" movements are more about increasing the power of the government, while restricting the rights of the individual. But, then, when I saw Kevin Mannix's statement in the Voter's Pamphlet, urging me to vote for them, that sealed the deal. No dice, Kevin.

Don't forget to get your ballots in by May 20th!

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