Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Happy Birthday, wherever you are...

I have never found it easy
To name my love for you;
We were so close I never saw the need;
The little boy that cried that night,
My suitcase I had packed,
I could no more leave than from myself secede;

With our humor and machismo
We, outward, faced the world
Together, we would laugh or we would fight;
But now those things we must defend,
Have multiplied and grown,
And age comes creeping in September's light;

We ever keep our swords unsheathed,
For each and for ourselves,
And others that we deem within our sway;
Our celebrated chivalry
Is part of who we are,
Old Man, you know, had wanted it that way;

Though we never would have guessed it,
We have lost once or twice
And scars have given both a hardened view;
I anguish over all those times
I hurt you with my words;
I'd rather have them back than...

I'd rather have them back, I'd rather have them back...

Happy Birthday.

1 comment:

Ridwan said...

Find him my brother. Time can heal ... even wounds that are deep.