Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Daddy may have loved you, with his iron-fisted hand,
But, of course, he wouldn't show it; he was too much of a man;
And when you cried and feared the dark, he knit his mighty brow,
And spelled you into silence; it was enough, somehow;

On sissy's hand, that special night, a promise ring he placed;
Her body, known to Daddy, to all other men was chaste;
And Mommy always knew her role, she never raised her voice,
She sat, contented, at his feet; his glory was her choice;

And he prayed, he prayed; Oh, how he prayed!
He kept his eyes shut tight;
The Lord would surely love him,
If he prayed with all his might;

The ever-rushing river swept you on around the bend,
No more prostrate before the throne, the time came to ascend;
And though you fear the darkness still, you've learned a trick or two:
The click of heels, the upraised arm; through fear, respect accrue;

And keep your eyes upon the prize, forsake the inward gaze,
You've learned the truth: that those who doubt cast worlds in shaded grays;
So bow to those above you when they look on you and frown,
And those below be sure to show how much they've let you down;

And you pray, you pray; Oh, how you pray;
You pray with all your might;
The Lord will surely love you,
If you keep your eyes shut tight!


Ridwan said...

Sad story brother. Very sad and too common unfortunately.

Thanks for writing.


Rhonda said...

An amazing poem. Really.

Anonymous said...

Once again amazing writing.....keep them coming.....Dora