Monday, August 27, 2007

Alberto Gonzales resigns

Well, here we are. August. The dog days of summer. Ostensibly a slow time, politically, with Congress in recess, and Junior clearing brush in Texas. And yet, the hits just keep on a-comin'. This morning, Al "Gonzo" Gonzales bit the Big One. He announced his decision this morning in a brief statement and did not take questions after the announcement.

Gonzo's performance in Washington, first as White House Legal Counsel, then as Attorney General is singular in its ineptitude, ruthlessness, cynicism, and lack of basic human decency. Highlights include:
  • Justifying torture
  • Overseeing illegal spying on United States citizens
  • Using the Justice department as a partisan political tool for the White House
  • Perjuring Congress
  • Attempting to intimidate an incapacitated man into authorizing an illegal domestic spying program
Whew! A resume like Gonzo's is enough to make me long for the days when John Ashcroft would croon "Let the Mighty Eagle Soar." (Ashcroft may have been a puritan nut, but he at least seemed to have some reverence for the Constitution.)

As with the sudden resignation of Karl Rove, earlier this month, my first impulse is to wonder if Gonzo is "gittin' while the gittin's good," as Senators Patrick Leahy and Charles Schumer plan to continue their investigations into the US Attorney firing scandal. Time will tell, but I imagine that, once again, the legal mucky-mucks in the White House got together and determined that their game of stall, obfuscate, and obscure in order to avoid responsibility and accountability is best served by having Gonzo outside the White House. In short, legal reasons.

I have heard reports that Junior himself tried to dissuade Gonzo from jumping off the ship. If those reports are true, it would dispel my suspicions somewhat. Maybe Gonzo just couldn't take all the scorn, contempt, and ridicule to which he was being subjected. Regardless, I'll be happy to blow him a kiss on his way out the door. Oh yeah, and Gonzo? Don't forget your subpoenas!

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